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A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

November 8, 2005

2005 Orientation Fall Fun TBA TBA

Journal Entry by Senior Dana McQuillin

Well, I can’t believe October has come to a close and it is now November! I never thought that our time here could go this fast, but we are well into pre-season, and we are definitely in a good place this year. I feel like year after year we say this, but we are ahead of where we were last year, and we are ready to set ourselves up for a great season.

As with any preseason, we are all a little bit beat up, but spirits are high and we are all working hard to get better. This past week, we all took on anew attitude, and have mae a committment to really put our team and it’s efforts first, and just to encourage the growth and the success of this team.

We have started routines. This time of year always gets me excited! Everyone is getting their new floor routines (or perfecting old ones), we are going to have so much fun with the crowd this year! For the most part, we are just getting geared up for season, and are ready to enjoy the new year! We finally have seniors, yay!!! Go GymBacks!


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