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Abuses of Illegal Drugs and Nutrutional/Dietar

Abuses of Illegal Drugs and Nutrutional/Dietar

I. Introduction
In an effort to further deter abuses of drugs and nutritional/dietary supplements that are either illegal and/or harmful to student-athletes, the UAMDA developed a Drug Testing Program in 1981(see Section 7.4), which continues in force today.

This program has been developed to assist our student-athletes in bringing about a drug-free lifestyle.  The specific objectives include:
•    Prevent any drug abuse or misuse by student-athletes and to educate them concerning the associated problems of such.
•    Identify any student-athletes who may be abusing drugs and identify the drug(s).
•    Establish any necessary treatment, counseling and additional education for any identified abuser.
•    Safeguard the health and safety of the student-athlete at all times.

II. Banned Substances

The UAMAD adheres to the same list of banned-drug classes as prescribed by the NCAA rules and by-laws.  This list is comprised of substances that are reported to be performance-enhancing and/or potentially harmful or illegal to the student athlete.  Please note this list of substances is neither an exhaustive nor an all-inclusive list.  For more information on banned substances, please refer to The National Center for Drug-Free Sport website (, the Dietary Supplement Resource Exchange Center website ( and enter ncaa1 as the passcode, or the NCAA website (

III. Nutritional and Dietary Supplements

The University of Arkansas may provide only non muscle-building nutritional supplements to a student-athlete at any time for the purpose of providing additional calories and electrolytes, provided the supplements do not contain any NCAA banned substances.  UAMDA employees and staff shall not provide or recommend the use of any supplements(s) that contain NCAA banned or prohibited substances.

Many nutritional/dietary supplements contain NCAA banned substances.  In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not strictly regulate the supplement industry. Therefore, purity and safety of nutritional/dietary supplements cannot be guaranteed.  Impure supplements may lead to a positive UAMDA or NCAA drug test.  A student-athlete who uses supplements does so at his own risk.  

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