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– Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban (On Arkansas?

–  Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban (On Arkansas?

“Obviously it would be better if he couldn’t pass it and you wouldn’t have to worry about it. The way you have to play, especially when he’s a quarterback, they’re basically from a spread-out offense running a lot of wishbone principles in their zone options, creating a pitchman with somebody going in motion, running a misdirection zone read. He comes out with the ball. So you’ve got to get enough of them down there and have run support on both sides. That’s not always easy to do without loading the box. And when you load the box, then that obviously gives them some opportunities to throw the ball. And he does it off of hard play action which is going to make some many people on your defense cover the people that can run down the field. So it really complements what they do. It makes it much more difficult. And they make big plays doing it.”

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