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All I want for the holidays….

All I want for the holidays….

I am going to upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. During Christmas time it can snow up to many feets of snow. I will spend my time with my cousin working out every day and watching many movies. I will be with my father and aunt during Christmas.

After Christmas day I will drive up to my lake house deep in the heart of the mountains. I have not spent time at my lake house during winter time. It has been many years but memories is all I have. If anybody gets the chance it is something everyone should experience. Close to the host of the Olympics is Lake Placid.

My families lake house sits upon a hill on a large piece of land and the naked trees surrounded the lake. I am able to sip hot chocolate and watch the sun go down and see the snow drop down several inches every hour. I am thrilled to spend Christmas with my family and a place where I have spent my childhood.

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