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Arkansas-Alabama Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas-Alabama Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas Razorbacks ‐ Post Game Quotes
Coach Bobby Petrino
“That’s a tough game for us. [In the beginning] I felt like we were moving the ball well. The stop on the
one and the interceptions really hurt our momentum.”
“We’ve got to get (to the point) where we don’t beat ourselves. We have a lot to do, a long way to go.”
On defense
“We were in position and missed tackles. They were big up front and also blocked us well.”
“I didn’t like the way we finished the game. I’m not happy with the way we came out of the locker room
at halftime. We’ve got a lot of young guys.”
“The last thing I told them was not to rough (the punter). If he hadn’t hesitated I think he would’ve
blocked (the punt).”
On Casey Dick’s interception
“They were not good plays. He needs to be able to come back from it. It’s hard to forget games. You
replay every play in your head but when we hit the [practice] field Tuesday you hope (the players) have
forgotten about it.”
On special team play
“I think we took some steps today. Jeremy (Davis) did well punting the ball and we kept them inside the
30 most of the time. Dennis [Johnson] is getting better. He’s a tough kid. He can go the distance on kick
On Michael Smith’s play
“I was proud of the way Michael Smith played. He played well for us. We need to get (the other running
backs) going.”
On bringing Tyler Wilson in to the game
“We brought him in because he does really well out of the shotgun. He got pressured and didn’t get to
his hot reads fast enough. We’ve got to keep getting him along.”
Casey Dick
“It’s a tough day. We can’t give up 14 points on two stupid throws. It’s my fault. I have to look at the
film and get better. When you make bad throws like that, you just feel horrible.”
“Some days people have bad days at work, this was one of those days.”
“Things didn’t go our way, but we have to look at the film and be ready to bounce back against Texas.”
Michael Smith
“We trust in Casey, and he made some mistakes that he doesn’t usually make.”
“We know it doesn’t get any easier from here. It’s extremely frustrating, but we have to find a way to
D.J. Williams
“As a team, we have to come together and learn from this situation.”
“Every great team has to have a short term memory with games like this.”
“We have one hundred percent confidence in Casey and our whole team.”
On the unsuccessful fourth down conversion
“It was a dagger. That is something that we have to get better at.”
Jonathan Luigs
On the turnovers
“We kept giving them gifts. When you play a football team as good as they are, you can’t turn the ball
On the unsuccessful fourth down conversion
“It was just a lack of execution on our part.”
On Casey Dick
“Everybody has days like that. You have to give credit to their defense and their schemes, but Casey
(Dick) will bounce back.”
Sept. 20, 2008
Head Coach Nick Saban:
“Very please and proud of our boys this afternoon. We came out with a lot of intensity, and were really
able to find an advantage up front on offense.”
“I think we made too many mental errors, maybe the most we’ve made this year. That is something
we’re going to have to correct.”
“Arkansas threw us off a few times with some misdirection plays, and we didn’t counter those very well.
Hat’s off the (Arkansas) coaching staff for coaching well against us.
Javier Arenas:
On his interception return
“It was just one of those situations where the receiver ran an option route and made a slight mistake. I
was able to adjust and take it back for six.”
“All week coach was talking about coming out firing and hitting them in the mouth quick. I think we did
that; it seemed like they knew we were here to play a little football from the get‐go.”

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