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Arkansas: The Natural State

Arkansas:  The Natural State

        Known for many years as the Land of Opportunity, Arkansas remains one of the finest combinations of striking natural beauty and 21st Century progress of any state in the Union.
        From the first national scenic river — the Buffalo, so designated in the 1972 — to one-of-a-kind tourist destinations — like Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas has a unique flavor.
        Birthplace of the 42nd President of the United States and home of the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, Arkansas is a political leader.
        Home of the headquarters of the world’s largest retailer — Wal-Mart — and the world’s leading poultry company — Tyson, Arkansas is an economic leader.
        And home to one of the nation’s top Universities, University Systems and Medical Schools, Arkansas is on the forefront of higher education and research.
        To learn more about the Natural State, please jump to the state of Arkansas’ official website or the Arkansas Office of Tourism website.

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