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Arkansas-ULM Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas-ULM Post-Game Quotes

Louisiana-Monroe Post-Game Quotes
Sept. 6, 2008

ULM Head Coach Weatherbie:
“It came down to making plays. We had several opportunities to win. On our last drive we drove the ball all the way down the field and didn’t make the catch on that shovel pass. We still had a chance with the 45-yard field goal and it just didn’t go our way. They deserved to win it in the 4th quarter. They won it last week in the 4th and that makes it easier for them to believe. We thought we had a great chance to beat a good SEC team in Arkansas, and came here expecting to.”

“Anthony McCall played really well toward the end of the game. He made a few big catches for us and has the ability to become a great player.”

(4th down pass to Chris Gragg)
“We know (Bobby) Petrino will do stuff like that. He’s a riverboat gambler, so to speak, and it was a great call. We have to regroup and put this one behind us. It was a great game and come Monday we will move on.”

Anthony McCall, WR:
“We got off to a great start. This was the loudest crowd we will face and that really motivated us. This is the toughest conference in college football and they gave us everything they had and it showed in the end. We came in and played our hearts out.”

Kinsmon Lancaster, QB
“We came out and played and it came down to who wanted it more, and they did in the end. We made the plays, things just didn’t go our way in the end. All 11 have to execute and find a way to win in the end of the game.”

Arkansas Player Quotes
Louisiana-Monroe Game
Sept. 6, 2008

Casey Dick, QB:
“We are a team that never gives up. We had some guys that stepped up and made some big plays for us.”

“We fought back and kept chipping away. It was a great effort by everybody. We just have to keep doing that all year.”

“The offensive line did a fantastic job.”

(On the comeback)
“We practice coming from behind a lot in practice. Coach Petrino puts a lot of pressure on us.”

“It’s a whole lot of fun to play with these guys.”

(On #21 RB Michael Smith’s return)
“He helped us a lot. He had some good runs and catches that helped us move the ball.”

(On next week’s Texas game)
“Well, we’re 2-0, and we just have to keep moving forward.”

DJ Williams, TE:
(TE #82 )
“Andrew Davie did a great job opening up a hole for me.”

(On his dropped pass)
“You can’t think about it every time you drop a ball. Louisiana Monroe played a great game.”

Chris Gragg, WR:
(On playing in Little Rock)
“It was great to win a game in Little Rock. My friends and family were able to see it. We know that this victory will help us down the road in our tough SEC games.”

Jonathan Luigs, C:
“We have some things to work on. It was frustrating not being able to capitalize on our first few drives.”

(On Michael Smith)
“He really stepped up. We were able to make some holes for him.”

(On DJ Williams)
“He made some big plays. He’s a fast guy that creates mismatches with the linebackers.”

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