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Arkansas football?s Monday press conference transcript

Arkansas football?s Monday press conference transcript

Head Coach Bobby Petrino

"We spent yesterday evaluating the video of the game, and it’s kind of like I said after the game, we came out in the first quarter, we were executing the offense and defense. We moved the ball, but didn’t get points. That was certainly something that was a concern of mine. You look at the first half stats and the number of rushes and the number of carries, the yardage we had we should’ve been up by 14 or 21 points and we weren’t. That always comes back to haunt you."

"Then in the second quarter there was a melt down by our special teams, getting the punt blocked and giving them field position. We still had opportunities to move the ball, (even though) we didn’t have good field position."

"Then in the third quarter they hit a couple of big plays throwing the ball against man coverage. They executed and did a nice job of it. Then we had to battle in the fourth quarter."

"I was proud of the way our team held together. Our young guys, our freshmen guys are getting better. They learned a lot the last two games. They’re grades were higher. We played harder. We played faster and we won the game and that’s the most important thing; that we came away with the win."

On the 4th and short play from Dick to Gragg…

"It’s a play that we’ve run a number of times in years past. We’ve been practicing it and put it in the first week at two-a-days. You practice it a lot and you see what games you think it might come up in."

"They had had a history of packing down with 11 guys and trying to stop the run on short yardage mainly in the Alabama game a year ago. So we put it in and practiced it all week, executed it all week."

"We made it harder than it was. We actually got beat off the backside edge, one of our tight ends’ blocks, so Casey (Dick) had to move a bit and throw the ball up and Chris (Gragg) made a great play."

"I was thinking we got stopped the time before on fourth and two. The truth of the matter is if our fullback gets underneath the guard’s block like he’s supposed to we would’ve went for a touchdown. Maybe going from the run to the pass was a reaction of getting stopped the time before."

On being ranked in the bottom of the SEC in turnovers…

"We need to continue to run full speed to the ball. You get turnovers by getting everyone to the football."

"We’re working hard on stripping and getting the ball out. That really hasn’t been a problem. There has been six balls on the ground and we just haven’t come up with any of them yet. We’re going to keep working on that."

"We’ve dropped four interceptions. Even prior to the last drive that we go down and score. We had an interception opportunity for a touchdown that actually went right by his hand and their guy caught it."

"We just have to work harder on making the plays and when we’re in a position to make the plays, we have to make the plays. A lot of times turnovers come in bunches. I’m being positive. They’re going to start coming our way and we’ll keep taking care of the ball."

On Red Zone defense…

"We need to stiffen up. We need to be able to make the play on third downs. A lot of times we’ve done a great job first down and second down then got to third down and they’ve converted, but it’s something we’re learning. We’re getting better and getting some guys back so that’ll help us too."

On Special Teams…

"One of the problems we’re having is that we have so many young guys that are playing on regular offense and defense and then all of a sudden they’re on special teams too and they’re getting a little overwhelmed."

"Being shorthanded on our roster has hurt, but we’ll have (Freddy) Burton and Marques Wade back, so that’ll definitely be helping us on special teams. Both of them are the size and speed that can really contribute in those areas."

"Other than that we just have to do a better job of coaching the guys we’ve got and doing our assignments, focusing and understanding that if I’m the starting position on offense or defense that when I’m on specials teams that that play is just as important as any play I play on offense or defense. I don’t know if we’ve gotten that across to them or not. Obviously it did get across last night."

On Alex Tejada’s Performance…

"That’s something we’ve just got to take one game at a time and kick, kick, kick and see how we’re doing. He had his best week of practice (before the ULM game), so figure that out. It was on the same surface because we practiced inside on field turf and that’s what we played on. I’m not sure how that ended up that way."

On SEC Freshman of the Week Joe Adams…

"Joe (Adams) had a really nice game for us. He had a couple of big catches. He went up and got that one ball that looked like it could’ve been an interception. He jumped up and made a great play, showed his athletic ability."

"One thing that Joe is gifted with is very good hands, so he just has to get used to running his routes full speed every time, even when he’s not number one in the progression."

"He’s got a chance to be a great player for us. Certainly he had a very nice game for us and was a big part of the win."

Quarterback Casey Dick

On Coming From Behind to Win…

"We aren’t doing it on purpose, but we’re getting those freshmen in there and getting them experience. They’ll be ready during a big game when we do have to come from behind and they’ll be ready to go. We just had a freshman make a big play (Chris Gragg). That’s really all there is to it. He made a great catch and it was a great comeback. We just had to go out there and find a way to win."

"I never thought that I would be considered a great scrambler, but I certainly will take it. Scrambling is something that you have to do when the defense gives it to you. If you are able to make plays with your feet, go get some yards and put your team in a better position, then that’s something you have to do to help your team out with."

"(Darrell K. Royal Stadium) is going to be a fun place to play at. It’s obviously really big. It’s going to be really loud and hot. Austin is going to be hot, no matter what they say. Coach Petrino said guys will have to start drinking fluids and taking care of their bodies because it will be hot and humid the way Texas is in September."

"I knew the rivalry (between Arkansas and Texas) was pretty big from the get-go. Just the way the fans took it on each side. When you first come up here, (the rivalry) is one of the first things you learn and that Texas and Arkansas don’t like each other, so it’s something the fans take very seriously."

Defensive Tackle Malcolm Sheppard

"We played a lot better (against ULM) than we played the first game and we rushed the quarterback better than we did in the first game, and hopefully we can continue doing that."

On Texas QB Colt McCoy

"Other than Tim Tebow, he is probably going to be the best quarterback we’ve seen all year. He’s very mobile, he’s a great passer and they have great receivers to complement him."

"I think the younger guys have come a long way but having Elston Forte, Wendel Davis, and Freddy Burton back is going to really help us in stopping the pass, especially short passes and they’re going to bring more intensity to our pass defense."

"To play against ranked teams is exciting. Even though we aren’t ranked right now and you want to go against somebody that is ranked and try to come up in the polls. As long as we go down there and do what we’re supposed to do, then we are going to help this program."

Tailback Michael Smith

"I had my first start this past Saturday and it was exciting. I played a bit more than I’m used to. I haven’t done that since high school. I’m was just glad to get out there and contribute to the team and make a difference."

Defensive End Jake Bequette

"It was a lot of fun (to get my first start), especially for me to get out there and get my first start. I had a great time and the defense played much better than we did in week one."

"I’ve grown up around this rivalry my whole life. I’ve watched a couple of my Dad’s (Jay Bequette) Texas games on film. Most of my Mom’s side of the family went to UT so I’m going to have family rooting for the Razorbacks and I’m going to have family rooting for Texas. I’ve been around that my whole life."

"I think back in the old Southwest Conference days it was an every year kind of rivalry and for people and it’s just hard to let go. There’s just so much passion and so much history in that and people don’t want to let go of that. To us as players, we love these kinds of big games on national TV. It’s going to be a lot of fun."

"People really understand once you come to the U of A and come to be around our fans, we know how much this game means to us. You know that every time we get to play Texas we’re going to play with a lot of passion and a lot of heart. It’s going to be special to us."

"Coach Petrino told us there’s nothing more fun that going into a place like Austin, just playing well and feeling the fans against you and just having that us against the world mentality. I think it’ll actually help us to really have some of that hometown pressure off us and just really go out there, play free and make plays."

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