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Arkansas-Georgia postgame quotes

Arkansas-Georgia postgame quotes

Arkansas vs. GeorgiaSat., Sept. 19, 2009Postgame QuotesArkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino:“We were better in this game, but not good enough to win. However, we can’t beat ourselves. We had some blown assignments and a lot of penalties, so we can’t have that happen.”“I’m proud of the way our team prepared for this game. We just didn’t score enough points. When you are in a shootout like that, you can’t afford to take a play off.”On the defense:“I’m very disappointed in the defense. We wanted to take [A.J] Green out of the game, but we weren’t able to do that, especially when Jerry Franklin was ejected.”On the play of Ryan Mallett:“Ryan [Mallett] gave us a chance to win the game today. He prepared all week and the week before really well. He obviously showed that he can throw the ball well and he showed that he could make some plays.”Arkansas Quarterback Ryan Mallet“It was a great game from start to finish. It definitely hurts to lose a game like that. We played well, but we can still get better.”On setting school record for passing yards in a game:“It’s nice I guess, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about individual stats. We lost the game; that’s all that matters.”On losing focus in 4th quarter:“I didn’t lose my focus. I lost my technique. My rhythm was off and that made me miss some passes. I can’t let that happen again.”On receivers:“They are playmakers and they showed that time and time again tonight. They made great plays when I got the ball anywhere near them. They had a great game.”On running game:“We have to get better. It’s inexcusable. We have to be able to run the ball. We’ll work on it and get better.”Defensive Tackle Malcolm Sheppard:“It’s tough, but we have to move on. We can’t spend time thinking about this loss because it takes time away from preparation for Alabama.”On pass rush:“We needed a better rush. We didn’t put much pressure on their quarterback. It hurt not having Jerry Franklin.”On game versus Alabama:“We’re going to get better. We have to if we want to play well against Alabama. We have to let this loss go and move on.”Wide Receiver Greg Childs:“It’s extremely tough to lose a game like that. We fought hard, but in the end, we couldn’t make enough plays. But we lose as a team.”On receivers making tough catches:“We work on making tough catches every day in practice. It’s nothing new to us. Georgia head coach Mark Richt:"We certainly know how to keep things exciting. I was happy with the way out guys went out and competed. I’m so thankful for the heart and spirit of this football team, and it was a spirited victory tonight. I still don’t feel like we’ve reached our full potential, but we’re getting there."On Quarterback Joe Cox:"Joe was great tonight. I thought he did a great job with his decision making. There was only one play that I can remember where we thought he should’ve checked down or done something differently, but other than that he was great."On Wide Receiver A.J. Green:"A.J. opened things up for us all night. When you have a big guy over the top like that it really makes the defense vulnerable. We took advantage of that."Georgia Quarterback Joe Cox:On winning another close game:"These kinds of games are good for you. I think it’s great to get a win any way you can. But when you do it like this it says something about the team as a whole. This was an important win for us against a good team. I think we got better this week, and hopefully we can continue to do so."Georgia Receiver Michael Moore:“The safety was focusing a lot on A.J. [Green] tonight. When you pay a lot of attention to the big guy up top, that leaves them open in the middle. That’s where I come in. I knew I was going to get my touches when A.J. started to come alive.”“It felt like the last team to have possession was going to win it. It was almost identical to last week. Both teams we able to move the ball up and down the field, and it was very competitive both ways.”

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