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Arkansas postgame quotes

Arkansas postgame quotes

Arkansas vs. AuburnSat., Oct. 10, 2009 — Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, Ark.Postgame QuotesArkansas head coach Bobby PetrinoOn Arkansas’ offense:"This was a good win for us. I’m very proud of our guys, proud of our coaches. We wanted to mix it up a little bit on offense. I think we did that. It’s the first time really all season that we’ve gotten the running game going the way we thought we could, and you could see the impact it had and how it opened things up down the field."“We wanted to focus more on first downs than big plays. Coming into the game we knew we wanted to establish some time of possession and just drive the ball. We came out and did that early, and aside from a little stretch in the third quarter, did it through the entire game.”On Arkansas’ defense:"Our guys were great on defense. We came out and hit (Auburn) in the mouth early and didn’t look back. Our guys never hesitated, and set the tone early. I think a lot of what the offense did came from the energy the defense gave us early on."Arkansas quarterback Ryan MallettOn today’s game:"We got a good win here. We came out of the gates hot, and played that way pretty much the entire first half. I thought we were a little sluggish coming out of the break, but we got it going again late, and were able to put the game out of reach"“We fed off the way the defense was playing early. They were making big plays and getting the crowd involved, so we knew we had to back them up. I still don’t feel like we’ve put a full four quarters together the way we can, but we’re getting closer.”On the depth of the offense:“The depth at both wide receiver and running back allowed us to stay fresh and put points on the board. Joe (Adams) was out today, but guys stepped up and made plays in his absence. Our big guys went up and got the ball when they had to, and made some big plays.”On Arkansas’ running game against Auburn:“Nobody in the country has as good of backs as we do here. This was the first game that we really got the running game going for us. Once we started executing the run, it really opened up the defense for our passing game.”Arkansas tight end D.J WilliamsOn getting more passes:“It was nice. I’ve been blocking more this season, and getting less balls my way, it seems like they forgot about me a little bit. I knew if we ran up the middle that plays would open up for me.”On next week’s game against Florida:"We know we can win. If we work hard during practice we can win. I think Coach Petrino will have us prepared and ready to go. We are going in with some momentum; we know we can beat them.”Arkansas wide receiver Greg ChildsOn today’s game:“Our team came out knowing we were playing the No. 19 team in the country, but we could win. They were coming into our house trying to leave with a win, and we didn’t want that to happen.”On Joe Adams’ status:“We didn’t find out until right before the game. He was a key loss, but we had guys step up. After the first quarter we didn’t have Jarius (Wright) either, but we are so deep that guys can just step in, without a change in game play.”Arkansas defensive end Jake BequetteOn today’s game:“We’ve beaten them on the road before. We knew that we could win. Once we got the lead, they pulled out some trick plays on us, but we overcame it. We got some fire back in us on the sideline, and eventually got the momentum back with some big turnovers.”On Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn’s offense: “We faced him last year with Tulsa and found a way to stop him then. He has more weapons now that he’s at Auburn, but no matter what offensive scheme a team runs if you come out and hit them hard in the mouth, they can be stopped.”

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