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Arkansas tied for second after first round

Arkansas tied for second after first round

FAYETTEVILLE – The 16th-ranked University of Arkansas women’s golf team finds themselves in a holding patterned late Monday afternoon at the BYU Dixie Classic in St. George, Utah. Arkansas and the rest of the field, battled 40 mile per hour winds, a steady drizzle and, at times, downpours in a six-and-a-half hour first round, the first of two rounds scheduled for Monday. After a long delay, the second round on Monday was cancelled. Arkansas posted one of the highest scores in the Kelley Hester era with a 330 to tie for second overall. UNLV leads the field at 320 followed by Arkansas and Portland State locked at 330. I really don’t know what to say,” said Hester. “It’s a hard course and hard conditions but we can play better. Today was a mental toughness check and we didn’t do so well. I still expect our kids to rise to the occasion and play better. We faced some extremely windy conditions and a good prep for Regionals. We’re going to have to play better in it. We’re going to try and regroup and see what we can do tomorrow.” Junior Amanda McCurdy and junior Lindsey Hinshaw tied for ninth overall with rounds of 81. Junior Country Mahon and redshirt freshman Stacy Lewis were the first Lady’Backs off the course in the first round both carding plus-12 84s. Assistant coach Shauna Estes noted that golfers who were missing the fairways found themselves in a rocky rough that included lava rocks that were not forgiving. Lewis and Mahon finished the day tied for 29th overall. Ashley Medders rounded out the scoring for Arkansas with an 88 to tie for 51st overall. Arkansas faces final round action beginning at 9:30 a.m., Central. For more information log on to LADYBACKS.COM.

Team Leader Board
Course:Entrada at Snow Canyon: Championship Tees Par 72 – 6151 yards
current positionteamscoringroundstotal score
to parthrutoday1
1UNLV+32F +32320320
T2 Arkansas, U. of +42 F +42 330 330
T2Portland State Univ.+42F +42330330
4Boise State Univ.+44F +44332332
5Brigham Young Univ.+45F +45333333
6Colorado, U. of+47F +47335335
T7Oral Roberts Univ.+48F +48336336
T7North Texas, U. of+48F +48336336
T9Colorado State Univ.+51F +51339339
T9Idaho, University of+51F +51339339
11San Diego State Univ+54F +54342342
T12Arkansas State Univ.+61F +61349349
T12Wyoming, U. of+61F +61349349
14Weber State Univ.+68F +68356356

Player Leader Board
* player is participating as an individual rather than as a team member.
Course:Entrada at Snow Canyon: Championship Tees Par 72 – 6151 yards
positionplayerteamscoringroundstotal score
currentstartto parthrutoday1
1Hwanhee Lee (10B)UNLV+3F+37575
2Jenny Judd (13B)Boise State Univ.+5F+57777
T3Rachel Newren (1B)Brigham Young Univ.+6F+67878
T3Seema Sadekar (9B)UNLV+6F+67878
T5Cassie Castleman (5)Idaho, University of+7F+77979
T5Margaret Gibby-Wright (16B) *Brigham Young Univ.+7F+77979
T5Christine Hentzner (17) *UNLV+7F+77979
T5Sarah Tiller (8)Portland State Univ.+7F+77979
T9Jaclyn Golden (1A)North Texas, U. of+9F+98181
T9Lindsey Hinshaw (3B)Arkansas, U. of+9F+98181
T9Andra Lancaster (1B)North Texas, U. of+9F+98181
T9Amanda McCurdy (2)Arkansas, U. of+9F+98181
T9Candace Pasechnik (15)Arkansas State Univ.+9F+98181
T9Candice Satow (11)Oral Roberts Univ.+9F+98181
T15Jackie Kazarian (11)San Diego State Univ+10F+108282
T15Elena Kurokawa (8)UNLV+10F+108282
T15Jessica Malcolm (10B)Colorado, U. of+10F+108282
T15Natalie Newren (3A)Brigham Young Univ.+10F+108282
T15Jamie Oliver (13B)San Diego State Univ+10F+108282
T15Danielle Reilly (10A)Portland State Univ.+10F+108282
T15Allison Rella (9B)Colorado, U. of+10F+108282
T22Hannah Hoch (8)Colorado, U. of+11F+118383
T22Toni Lutz (13A)San Diego State Univ+11F+118383
T22Tina Mabanta (16A) *UNLV+11F+118383
T22Laura Mengelkamp (15)Wyoming, U. of+11F+118383
T22Amy Mombert (5)Weber State Univ.+11F+118383
T22Toni Pyrum (12)Oral Roberts Univ.+11F+118383
T22Katie Street (12)Boise State Univ.+11F+118383
T29Kristen Campos (6)Colorado State Univ.+12F+128484
T29Margaret Garehime (7A)Colorado State Univ.+12F+128484
T29Natalie Kinsey (16A)Arkansas State Univ.+12F+128484
T29Jeana Lee (9B)Portland State Univ.+12F+128484
T29Stacy Lewis (1B)Arkansas, U. of+12F+128484
T29Courtney Mahon (1A)Arkansas, U. of+12F+128484
T29Halli Richards (2)North Texas, U. of+12F+128484
T36Haley Brown (10B)Portland State Univ.+13F+138585
T36Jessica Gibson (14)Oral Roberts Univ.+13F+138585
T36Charlotte McGinnis (14)Boise State Univ.+13F+138585
T36Young Pak (9A)UNLV+13F+138585
T36Jill Phillips (7A)Idaho, University of+13F+138585
T36Trisha Quick (4)Colorado State Univ.+13F+138585
T42Chelsea Benton (7B)Colorado State Univ.+14F+148686
T42Lynette Duran (5)Colorado State Univ.+14F+148686
T42ReNee Skidmore (4)Idaho, University of+14F+148686
T42Juli Wightman (1A)Brigham Young Univ.+14F+148686
T46Lindsay Bauknecht (16B)Wyoming, U. of+15F+158787
T46Alexis Edwards (2)Brigham Young Univ.+15F+158787
T46Ashley Hogg (11)Boise State Univ.+15F+158787
T46Sharon McAlpine (13B)Oral Roberts Univ.+15F+158787
T46Pamela Ontiveros (18A) *Oral Roberts Univ.+15F+158787
T51Allison Chell (10A)UNLV+16F+168888
T51Ashley Childers (15) *Brigham Young Univ.+16F+168888
T51Jennifer Hedberg (13A)Boise State Univ.+16F+168888
T51Katie Higham (4)Weber State Univ.+16F+168888
T51Ashley Medders (3A)Arkansas, U. of+16F+168888
T51Kayla Morrison (18B)Wyoming, U. of+16F+168888
T51Maria Perrson-Gulda (9A)Colorado, U. of+16F+168888
T58Ashley Anast (9A)Portland State Univ.+17F+178989
T58Lilia Maeda (13A)Oral Roberts Univ.+17F+178989
T58Jennifer Tucker (7B)Idaho, University of+17F+178989
T61Megan Chapman (18A) *Colorado State Univ.+18F+189090
T61Paige Padgett (3B)North Texas, U. of+18F+189090
T61Jessica Thomas (6)Weber State Univ.+18F+189090
T64Fiona Beattie (18B)Arkansas State Univ.+19F+199191
T64Whitney Hernandez (16A)Wyoming, U. of+19F+199191
T64Danielle von Arnim (3B)Brigham Young Univ.+19F+199191
67Tara Lambright (3A)North Texas, U. of+20F+209292
T68Bliss Roberson (17)Arkansas State Univ.+21F+219393
T68Lindsay Senger (18A) *Colorado, U. of+21F+219393
T70Heather Balli (7B)Weber State Univ.+23F+239595
T70Kelly Nakashima (6)Idaho, University of+23F+239595
T70MacKenzie Swecker (14)San Diego State Univ+23F+239595
73Jess Ellis (10A)Colorado, U. of+24F+249696
74Christine Ryckman (16B)Arkansas State Univ.+26F+269898
T75Michelle Camaione (17)Wyoming, U. of+31F+31103103
T75Aubrey Nickle (7A)Weber State Univ.+31F+31103103
77Stephi Graves (18B) *Weber State Univ.+37F+37109109
Anna Booth (12)San Diego State UnivFDD

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