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Arkansas/Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas/Auburn Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. Auburn

October 15, 2005

Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium

Head Coach Houston Nutt

“The fans and student body was a great crowd tonight. We wish we could have won for them.”

“I wish those threes would have been sevens instead. We didn’t execute when we had the chance. You have got to give them (Auburn) credit. Our offense was sputtering and they took advantage. Brandon Cox has a great supporting cast.”

“We played hard the first half. We felt great about it too. We felt like we had them off balance and were ready to go in the second (half). The third quarter just got away from us. That was a disappointing thing. Their defense kept us off the field and that wore our defense out.”

Arkansas Players

Arkansas Quarterback Robert Johnson

“We didn’t execute in the second half like we did in the first half. We cannot give up now. We have to pick ourselves up and perform next week at Georgia. We have to come out tomorrow and correct are mistakes.”

Arkansas Running Back Peyton Hillis

“This is a game that could turn around our season. This is a game we should have won. We had a mental breakdown and I put the blame on nobody but myself.”

Arkansas Defensive Back Vickiel Vaughn

“We have to learn how to play a complete game. We played a great first half, but did not finish. We have to simply come out here and learn to finish the football game.”

Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

“(We had a) slow start, but a fast finish. It looked we had an open date (last week). It’s been a while since we’ve dominated a game up front like we did (tonight). We set the tone early in the third quarter and there was no doubt we were going to win this game.”

On Auburn’s offense:

“They blitzed almost the entire first half and we just decided to run right past them. They had a good game plan, but we just played an almost perfect second half. (Offensively) It was as flawless as I’ve seen. It was just a good job in the second half by our guys of game planning and executing.”

On Auburn running backs:

“We’ve got four good running backs and we’re going to need every single one of them down the stretch.”

On Arkansas:

“This was their game. They needed to win this game. They played very intensely, but our intensity took over in the second half and controlled the game.”

Auburn Quarterback Brandon Cox

“They came out and had a great game plan and were blitzing about every play. It took us by surprise.

“We had a lot of play action in the second half. When we were able to run the ball the way we did it opens up the play action. All three of our touchdowns came off of play action.”

Auburn Running Back Kenny Irons

“I’m usually getting 10-to-12 carries a game but 33, I would never have imagined that, but our offensive line did a great job.”

“I get stronger as the game goes on. I had 33 carries, but I wanted more.”

Offensive Tackle Marcus McNeill

“It was frustrating (the first half), but we expected it. We knew they were going to come out playing six feet off the ground. We just focused on a few running plays. We really got used to it and just overpowered them.”

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