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Bill’s Blog: The Season is Here

Bill’s Blog: The Season is Here

VERY LATE AT NIGHT BEFORE TODAY’S GAME: I threatened to make a flow chart that would allow folks to get a clear understanding of who got the pay-per-view and on what delivery system.

Four hours later, it was finished.

Yes, I’m making light of what can seem very complicated and is very important to fans. You are planning your parties and you want to darn well be sure you get your $34.95. We understand that.

The best way to express it — besides my chart — is this:

Are you in Arkansas (or Tennessee for this game)?

Then you can order the PPV. And please, please — order the PPV where you want to watch it. DO NOT ORDER PPV THROUGH ARKANSASRAZORBACKS.COM AND EXPECT IT TO APPEAR ON YOUR TV. Unless, of course, you’ve got ninja computer skills like me to hook your laptop up to your big screen TV.

Conversely, if you are in the home states, you are going to be blacked out for ESPN3 or ESPN GamePlan. You’ll need to pay for the PPV to see the game. Sorry, that’s how the rules work, and the PPV rules aren’t some invention of Frank Broyles, Jeff Long or even Mike Beebe. These are the Southeastern Conference rules.

In all seriousness, I hope this chart can help explain things a little more. At least until I get back to the keyboard later this morning.

There is a ton of really cool new things (iHog, pregame RazorVision Countdown to Kickoff, interactive blog, new Game Day page layout) ahead, but that’s a few hours from now. Time for a quick nap.

Get Ready. It’s Game Day.

Download: blog chart.pdf

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