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Day Two at Grand Prix

Day Two at Grand Prix

FAYETTEVILLE— The Arkansas swimming and diving team advance five swimmers into finals on the second day at the Austin Grand Prix held at the Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center on the University of Texas’ campus.

Sophomores Katie Whitbeck, Sarah Howard and Jillienne Schilling along with junior Erin Neumann and freshman Dannica Brennan each advanced into one of Friday’s final swims.

Schilling recorded the highest finish on the day, touching in at 5:04.43 to place 13th in the 400-meter individual medley final. Also in that event, Whitbeck placed 15th with a time of 5:09.10 while Howard placed 22nd with a time of 5:10.55.

Neumann stopped the clock at 1:14.95 to finish 14th in the 100m breaststroke final. Brennan earned a 17th place finish in the 100m backstroke final with a time of 1:04.86.

Sarah Howard and Kelsea Vance also recorded top-50 finishes in the preliminary session.

Preliminary heats were held in the 25-yard pool (short course) while finals competition was held in the 50-meter pool (long course).

Saturday’s order of events will include the 200 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 800 freestyle, 200 breaststroke and 200 butterfly. Preliminaries begin at 9:30 a.m. with finals scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m.


400-yard IM prelims

13. Dannica Brennan 4:21.48

15. Katherine Whitbeck 4:22.94

16. Jillienne Schilling 4:23.45

19. Erin Neumann 4:25.51

30. Sarah Howard 4:29.17

67. Madeline Fogel 4:36.28

72. Lisa Lunkenheimer 4:36.87

100-yard breaststroke prelims

12. Erin Neumann 1:04.05

55. Courtney O’Grady 1:08.20

— Sarah Howard DQ

100-yard backstroke prelims

19. Dannica Brennan 56.41

46. Kelsea Vance 58.21

150. Alicia Meinz 1:01.51

248. Gina Bargiachi 1:04.23

200-yard freestyle prelims

28. Katherine Whitbeck 1:51.04

47. Jillienne Schilling 1:52.77

60. Sarah Howard 1:53.38

73. Erin Neumann 1:53.71

148. Dannica Brennan 1:56.41

153. Lisa Lunkenheimer 1:56.63

181. Alicia Meinz 1:57.74

187. Kelsea Vance 1:57.86

237. Madeline Vogel 1:59.84


400-meter IM finals

13. Jillienne Schilling 5:04.43

15. Katherine Whitbeck 5:09.10

22. Sarah Howard 5:10.55

100-meter breaststroke finals

14. Erin Neumann 1:14.96

100-meter backstroke finals

17. Dannica Brennan 1:04.86

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