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Dining etiquette dinner makes lasting impact on Seniors!

Dining etiquette dinner makes lasting impact on Seniors!

On Tuesday, October 29th, 50 Razorback student-athletes from 11 different sports participated in a Dining Etiquette Workshop. Ella’s Restaurant at the Inn at Carnall Hall served as the host of the event, and provided exceptional service for our student-athletes. The students were served three courses: a salad, a choice of chicken or beef with vegetables, and a dessert. Dining Etiquette was co-facilitated by Alison Nail, Career Development Coordinator, and Amanda Hernandez, Graduate Assistant for Student-Athlete Development.

Dining Etiquette, an essential component of the Finishing Touch Series for Seniors, was created to teach Razorback student-athletes formal dining etiquette skills. The Razorback Student-Athlete Development staff recognizes the need for senior student-athletes to possess these skills as they begin their transition to life after college.

Topics discussed during the event included appropriate topics of conversation, proper ways to hold utensils, the placement of items in a formal dining setting, how to pass items at the table, and which items are used for each part of the meal. Throughout the evening, the facilitators interacted with the students while they were eating in order to teach the etiquette skills in a hands-on approach. Director of Student-Athlete Development, Marcus Sedberry, shared, "It is great to see the students grow and learn right before your eyes.& Many of the students began the dinner timid and afraid to make mistakes.& By the end of the night students are engaging in appropriate dining conversations and not thinking twice about the ins and outs of dining etiquette."

When asked what she learned at the event, Jennifer Rambo, senior softball student-athlete responded by saying, "I learned that you are supposed to start with the utensils on the outside of your plate first and work your way in. I did not know that before. I also learned that you are supposed to eat and use certain utensils with certain hands."&

Kikko Haydar, senior men’s basketball student-athlete, stated, "One thing that I learned that will be beneficial to my life is the overall rules of passing to the right and passing the salt and pepper together. You don’t want to go to a dinner and not know what to do."

Kevin Lazas, senior men’s track and field student-athlete, said, "I knew some of this stuff, but there is also a lot that I didn’t know. I’m glad that I came and know it now going into the future when I have job interviews and things like that."

Dining Etiquette is an important component to the Finishing Touch Series for Seniors. Throughout the year, Razorback Student-Athlete Development hosts seminars with information pertinent for seniors and their transition after graduation. Sessions include topics such as financial literacy, interviewing skills, networking, and dining etiquette. Upon completion of the Finishing Touch Series, student-athletes will receive a gift card to Dillard’s for the purchase of a business suit or professional business attire.

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