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Estes-Taylor checks in – Day Three

Estes-Taylor checks in – Day Three

University of Arkansas head women’s golf coach Shauna Estes-Taylor is spending a week on the road recruiting. What is special about this week is that Estes-Taylor is representing the Razorbacks at events in Ireland. Check back over the next couple of days to see how her adventure is going.

Day two of The British Girls Championship is in the history books. Again, I awoke bright and early so that I could return to Royal Belfast to execute my strategy for the day. I drove myself to the golf course this morning so Adam could sleep in and enjoy some rest and relaxation. I made it to the course without my navigator, but I had to continue to mentally remind myself to stay left. You would think after a week of driving on the other side of the road it would come naturally—no way!

I broke up the tee time sheet into sections so that I could cover all of the pairings that I needed to see for at least three holes. This tournament is quite interesting because the weather can cause havoc on the players. Today was an even worse with regards to the weather. Again, I was loaded with layers and I should have taken more. We experienced sun, heavy rain coming down sideways, mist from the Irish Sea, more sun with tons of wind, and a perfect summer day with blue skies. I will probably catch a cold due to the weather changing every 15 minutes. I had to be very careful while observing each group and give them some slack if they had to play in the sideways rain and wind. The conditions change every hole and it is good to watch several holes for each group so that you can see the players hit shots in different conditions. It makes for very exciting recruiting!

I followed the morning tee times for four hours and then grabbed some Irish lunch in the clubhouse. I had the special of the day-grilled chicken with goat cheese on brown bread. I washed it down with another yummy Irish tea.

After lunch, I went back out for round two of golf watching. By this time, the wind was blowing even harder and the greatest surfers in the world would have loved to hang 10 on the Irish Sea by Royal Belfast. The water had white caps and made the afternoon rounds even tougher. Conditions like this can be challenging, but as a coach you really get to see what athletes are made of. You must become very creative with your shot selections and stay patient knowing it’s hard for everyone. I maneuvered around the course for another five hours and probably walked a minimum of 36 holes today. The new hip is holding up nicely!

My navigator (Adam) picked me up and we headed to the Cultra Inn at our hotel for dinner. Dinner tonight was a classic Caesar salad and of course Irish tea again—the Caesar here has bacon on it—even more delicious! Adam and I are back to the room so that I can get the pairings for tomorrow. The British Girls goes to a match play event with the low 64 girls making the cut.

Off to find our four leaf clover here in Belfast, Ireland! GO RAZORBACKS and til tomorrow…..

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