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Football press conference highlights

Football press conference highlights

Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino
“Well, with the short week we kind of jumped right into LSU.  The coaches had everything ready to go, the cards hanging and we worked hard yesterday and all morning today on the game plan.  We’ll practice tonight.  Have meetings at six and then practice at seven.  We’ll probably go about an hour of normal practice and then take the shoulder pads and helmets off and do a walkthrough of some team and situations and special teams.  I am familiar with the short week so it’s something that I’ve done before.  Tomorrow will be a regular Wednesday practice and Wednesday will be a regular Thursday practice.  That will be our week of preparation.

“We are coming off a hard fought game that we certainly had a lot of opportunities to win the game.  Good opportunity to tie it and go to overtime and didn’t come up with it.  Most of the coaches went right on to LSU.  I did watch the video.  We played well at times offensively.  We were not consistent enough to outscore them.  Defensively we all know that we were not very happy with our performance.  We were not able to stop the run. We didn’t hit our gaps right all the time and probably the worst game we had tackling.  That big back ran through tackles and made a lot of games.  We had guys there at times and just didn’t get it done and are going to have to face another big back on Friday so it’s something that we are really going to have to look at and improve in a hurry.”

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