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Football Receiving Records

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RankReceptions (Game)PlayerYear
113Jarius Wright vs. Texas A&M (281 yards, 2 TD)2011
13James Shibest at SMU (199 yards, 2 TD)1984
13Wear Schoonover at Baylor (152 yards, 0 TD)1929
412Cobi Hamilton vs. Ole Miss (146 yards, 0 TD)2012
12Greg Childs vs. ULM (146 yards, 2 TD)2010
12Mike Reppond at Rice (204 yards, 0 TD)1971
12Chuck Dicus vs. Georgia (169 yards, 1 TD)1969*
811Cobi Hamilton vs. Tulsa (177 yards, 0 TD)2012
11Cobi Hamilton at Texas A&M (162 yards, 0 TD)2012
1010Cobi Hamilton vs. LSU (98 yards, 0 TD)2012
10Cobi Hamilton vs. Rutgers (303 yards, 3 TD)2012
10Jarius Wright at Vanderbilt (135 yards, 1 TD)2011
10Lucas Miller at Miss. State (201 yards, 1 TD)2008
10D.J. Williams vs. Ole Miss (129 yards, 0 TD)2008
10Bobby Joe Edmonds vs. Auburn (68 yards, 0 TD)1984***
10Bobby Crockett vs. LSU (129 yards, 1 TD)1966**
179Drew Morgan vs. Texas A&M2016
9Drew Morgan vs. Ole Miss (122 yards, 3 TD)2015
199Joe Adams vs. Ohio State (120 yards, 1 TD)2011*****
9Greg Childs at Auburn (164 yards, 2 TD)2010
9George Wilson at Kentucky (172 yards, 1 TD)2003
9Anthony Eubanks vs. Auburn (167 yards, 1 TD)1997
9James Shibest vs. Navy (156 yards, 2 TD)1984
9Bobby Nichols vs. Texas A&M (102 yards, 0 TD)1971
9Bruce Maxwell vs. Ole Miss (137 yards, 1 TD)1970****
9Chuck Dicus vs. Texas (146 yards, 1 TD)1969
9Chuck Dicus vs. TCU (156 yards, 2 TD)1969
*1969 Sugar Bowl || **1966 Cotton Bowl || ***1984 Liberty Bowl
****1970 Sugar Bowl || *****2011 Sugar Bowl
RankReceptions (Season)PlayerYear
190Cobi Hamilton (1,335 yards, 5 TD)2012
266Jarius Wright (1,117 yards, 12 TD)2011
365Drew Morgan (739yards, 3 TD)2016
463Drew Morgan (843 yards, 10 TD)2015
562J.J. Meadors (584 yards, 2 TD)1995
61D.J. Williams (723 yards, 3 TD)2008
756Mike Reppond (986 yards, 3 TD)1971
854Joe Adams (625 yards, 3 TD)2011
54D.J. Williams (627 yards, 4 TD)2010
1052Boo Williams (739 yards, 7 TD)2000
1151Hunter Henry (739 yards, 3 TD)2015
51Anthony Eubanks (870 yards, 5 TD)1997
51Anthony Eubanks (809 yards, 5 TD)1996
51James Shibest (907 yards, 7 TD)1984
1550Joe Adams (813 yards, 6 TD)2010
50Marcus Monk (962 yards, 11 TD)2006
50George Wilson (900 yards, 6 TD)2003
49Peyton Hillis (537 yards, 5 TD)2007
49George Wilson (626 yards, 7 TD)2002
2048Greg Childs (894 yards, 7 TD)2009
48Jim Benton (814 yards, 7 TD)1937
46Greg Childs (659 yards, 6 TD)2010
2344Keon Hatcher (743 yards, 8 TD)2016
44Michael Williams (560 yards, 5 TD)1998
2543Keon Hatcher (558 yards, 6 TD)2014
43Anthony Lucas (1,004 yards, 10 TD)1998
43Anthony Eubanks (596 yards, 4 TD)1995
43J.J. Meadors (613 yards, 5 TD)1994
43Derek Russell (897 yards, 8 TD)1990
3042Jarius Wright (788 yards, 5 TD)2010
42Chuck Dicus (688 yards, 4 TD)1969
RankReceptions (Career)PlayerYear
1175Cobi Hamilton (2,854 yards, 18 TD)2009-12
2168Jarius Wright (2,934 yards, 24 TD)2008-11
3164Joe Adams (2,410 yards, 17 TD)2008-11
4153Anthony Eubanks (2,440 yards, 16 TD)1994-97
5152D.J. Williams (1,855 yards, 10 TD)2007-10
6144George Wilson (2,151 yards, 16 TD)2000-03
7138Drew Morgan (1,763 yards, 14 TD)2013-Pres.
8138Marcus Monk (2,151 yards, 27 TD)2004-07
9137Anthony Lucas (2879 yards, 23 TD),1996-99
10135Richard Smith (1,858 yards, 17 TD)2000-03
134J.J. Meadors (1,651 yards, 10 TD)1992-95
12133Greg Childs (2,066 yards, 15 TD)2008-11
13130Keon Hatcher (1,866 yards, 19 TD)2012-Pres.
14118Peyton Hillis (1,195 yards, 11 TD)2004-07
118Chuck Dicus (1,854 yards, 16 TD)1968-70
16116Hunter Henry (1,661 yards, 9 TD)2013-15
17101Emanuel Smith (1,235 yards, 4 TD)1996-99
101Mike Reppond (1,625 yards, 8 TD)1970-72


Receiving Yards
RankReceiving Yards (Game)PlayerYear
1303#Cobi Hamilton vs. Rutgers (10 catches, 3 TD)2012
2281Jarius Wright vs. Texas A&M (13 catches, 2 TD)2011
3204Mike Reppond vs. Rice (12 catches, 0 TD)1971
4201Lucas Miller at Mississippi State (10 catches, 1 TD)2008
5199James Shibest at SMU (13 catches, 2 TD)1984
6194Anthony Lucas at SMU (6 catches, 3 TD)1999
7193Chuck Dicus vs. Rice (8 catches, 2 TD)1968
8192Marcus Monk at South Carolina (8 catches, 1 TD)2006
9177Cobi Hamilton vs. Tulsa (11 catches, 0 TD)2012
177Anthony Lucas at Ole Miss (4 catches 2 TD)1998
11172George Wilson at Kentucky (9 catches, 1 TD)2003
172Anthony Lucas at Tennessee (8 catches, 2 TD)1998
13171Boo Williams vs. Boise State (5 catches, 2 TD)2000
171Bobby Nichols vs. Texas A&M (9 catches, 0 TD)1971
171Mike Reppond vs. Texas (7 catches, 1 TD)1971
171Chuck Dicus vs. Ole Miss (6 catches, 1 TD)1970
17169Derek Holloway vs. Tulsa (5 catches, 1 TD)1982
169Chuck Dicus vs. Georgia* (12 catches, 1 TD)1969
# SEC Record | *1969 Sugar Bowl
RankReceiving Yards (Season)PlayerYear
11,335Cobi Hamilton (90 catches, 5 TD)2012
21,117Jarius Wright (66 catches, 12 TD)2011
31,004Anthony Lucas (43 catches, 10 TD)1998
4986Mike Reppond (56 catches, 3 TD)1971
5962Marcus Monk (50 catches, 11 TD)2006
6907James Shibest (51 catches, 7 TD)1984
7900George Wilson (50 catches, 6 TD)2003
8897Derek Russell (43 catches, 8 TD)1990
9894Greg Childs (48 catches, 7 TD)2009
10870Anthony Eubanks (51 catches, 5 TD)1997
11822Anthony Lucas (37 catches, 5 TD)1999
12814Jim Benton (48 catches, 7 TD)1937
13813Joe Adams (50 catches, 6 TD)2010
14809Anthony Eubanks (51 catches, 5 TD)1996
15788Jarius Wright (42 catches, 5 TD)2010
16751Drew Morgan (55 catches, 10 TD)2015
17743Keon Hatcher (44 catches, 8 TD)2016
18739Drew Morgan (65 catches, 3 TD) 2016
739Boo Williams (52 catches, 7 TD)2000
20723D.J. Williams (61 catches, 3 TD)2008
21688Chuck Dicus (42 catches, 4 TD)1969
22659Greg Childs (46 catches, 6 TD)2010
23647Hunter Henry (46 catches, 9 TD) 2015
24630Cobi Hamilton (32 catches, 6 TD)2010
25627D.J. Williams (54 catches, 4 TD)2010
26626George Wilson (49 catches, 7 TD)2002
27617Steven Harris (37 catches, 4 TD)2004
28613J.J. Meadors (43 catches, 5 TD)1994
29596Anthony Eubanks (43 catches, 4 TD)1995
30589Chuck Dicus (38 catches, 8 TD)1968
RankReceiving Yards (Career)PlayerYear
12,934Jarius Wright (168 catches, 24 TD)2008-11
22,879Anthony Lucas (137 catches, 23 TD)1995-99
32,854Cobi Hamilton (175 catches, 18 TD)2009-12
42,440Anthony Eubanks (153 catches, 16 TD)1994-97
52,410Joe Adams (164 catches, 17 TD)2008-11
62,151Marcus Monk (138 catches, 27 TD)2004-07
2,151George Wilson (144 catches, 16 TD)2000-03
82,066Greg Childs (133 catches, 15 TD)2008-11
91,920James Shibest (97 catches, 10 TD)1983-86
101,874Derek Russell (91 catches, 16 TD)1987-90
111,866Keon Hatcher (130 catches, 19 TD)2012-Pres.
121,858Richard Smith (135 catches, 17 TD)2000-03
131,855D.J. Williams (152 catches, 10 TD)2007-10
141,854Chuck Dicus (118 catches, 16 TD)1968-70
151,763Drew Morgan (138 catches, 14 TD)2013-Pres.
161,661Hunter Henry (116 catches, 9 TD)2013-15
171,651J.J. Meadors (134 catches, 10 TD)1992-95
181,625Mike Reppond (101 catches, 8 TD)1970-72
191,319Jim Hodge (73 catches, 7 TD)1970-72
201,303Jim Benton (83 catches, 12 TD)1936-37
211,269Tracy Caldwell (89 catches 8 TD)1990-93
221,235Emanuel Smith (101 catches, 4 TD)1996-99
231,195Peyton Hillis (118 catches, 11 TD)2004-07


Receiving Yards (Consecutive Games)
RankYards in Cons GamesPlayerYear
1465Cobi Hamilton (303 vs. Rutgers, 162 at Texas A&M)2012
2367Derek Holloway (141 vs. North Carolina*, 196 vs. Tulsa)1981
3357Jarius Wright (281 vs. Texas A&M, 76 vs. Auburn)2011
4349Anthony Lucas (177 vs. Ole Miss, 172 at Tennessee)1998
5329Marcus Monk (192 at South Carolina, 137 vs. Tennessee)2006
6323Cobi Hamilton (146 vs. Ole Miss, 177 vs. Tulsa)2012
7317Cobi Hamilton (14 vs. Alabama, 303 vs. Rutgers)2012
317Chuck Dicus (146 vs. Texas, 171 vs. Ole Miss**)1969
9308Mike Reppond (137 at Baylor, 171 vs. Texas)1971
10307Jarius Wright (26 at Alabama, 281 vs. Texas A&M)2011
* 1981 Gator Bowl | **1970 Sugar Bowl


RankTouchdowns (Game)PlayerYear
13Jeremy Sprinkle vs. Mississippi State2015
3Drew Morgan vs. Ole Miss2015
3Cobi Hamilton vs. Rutgers2012
3Anthony Lucas at SMU1999
3Alton Baldwin vs. TCU1945
3Alton Baldwin vs. Arkansas A&M1944
RankTouchdowns (Season)PlayerYear
112Jarius Wright2011
211Marcus Monk2006
310Drew Morgan2015
10Anthony Lucas1998
58Keon Hatcher2016
8Derek Russell1990
8Chuck Dicus1968
87Joe Adams2009
7Greg Childs2009
7Marcus Monk2005
7Richard Smith2003
7George Wilson2002
7Boo Williams2000
7James Shibest1984
7Jim Benton1937
7Wear Schoonover1929
RankTouchdowns (Career)PlayerYear
127Marcus Monk2004-07
224Jarius Wright2008-11
323Anthony Lucas1995-99
419Keon Hatcher2012-Pres.
518Cobi Hamilton2009-12
617Joe Adams2008-11
17Richard Smith2000-03
816George Wilson2000-03
16Anthony Eubanks1994-97
16Chuck Dicus1968-70
16Derek Russell1987-90
1215Greg Childs2008-11
1314Drew Morgan2013-Pres.
1413Jim Benton1935-37
1511Jeremy Sprinkle2013-Pres.
11Peyton Hillis2004-07
11Boo Williams1999-2000
1810D.J. Williams2007-10
10J.J. Meadors1992-95
10James Shibest1983-86
219Jared Cornelius2014-Pres.
9Hunter Henry2013-15
9Bobby Duckworth1977-80
9Ross Pritchard1947-50


Most 100-Yard Games
Rank100-Yard Games (Season)PlayerYear
15Anthony Lucas1998
5Anthony Eubanks1997
34Cobi Hamilton2012
4Jarius Wright2011
4George Wilson2003
4Mike Reppond1971
73Jared Cornelius2016
3Drew Morgan2015
93Joe Adams2010
3Greg Childs2009
3D.J. Williams2008
3Marcus Monk2006
3Anthony Eubanks1996
3Anthony Lucas1995
3Derek Russell1990
3James Shibest1984
3Chuck Dicus1969
182Keon Hatcher2016
2Hunter Henry2015
2Greg Childs2010
2Cobi Hamilton2010
2Jarius Wright2010
2Joe Adams2009
2Jarius Wright2009
2Steven Harris2004
2Richard Smith2003
2George Wilson2001
2Boo Williams2000
2Anthony Lucas1999
2Donnie Centers1986
2Donny Bobo1977
2Bobby Crockett1965
Rank100-Yard Games (Career)PlayerYear
111Anthony Lucas1995-99
29Jarius Wright2008-11
9Anthony Eubanks1994-97
48Cobi Hamilton2009-12
57Joe Adams2008-11
66George Wilson2001-03
75Greg Childs2008-11
5Derek Russell1987-90
5Chuck Dicus1968-70
104Keon Hatcher2012-Pres.
4Hunter Henry2013-15
4D.J. Williams2007-10
4James Shibest1983-86
4Mike Reppond1970-72
153Jared Cornelius2014-Pres.
3Drew Morgan2013-Pres.
3Marcus Monk2004-07


List of 100-Yard Games
NameDateReceptionsReceiving YardsTouchdown ReceptionsOpponent
Cobi Hamilton9/22/12103033Rutgers
Jarius Wright10/1/11132812Texas A&M
Mike Reppond11/6/71122040Rice
Lucas Miller11/22/08102011Mississippi State
James Shibest11/24/84131992SMU
Anthony Lucas9/4/9961943SMU
Chuck Dicus11/9/6881932Rice
Marcus Monk11/4/0681921South Carolina
Cobi Hamilton11/3/12111770Tulsa
Anthony Lucas11/7/9841772Ole Miss
George Wilson11/1/0391721Kentucky
Anthony Lucas11/14/9881722Tennessee
Boo Williams9/16/0051712Boise State
Mike Reppond10/16/7181711Texas
Chuck Dicus1/1/7061711Ole Miss
Derek Holloway9/11/8251961Tulsa
Chuck Dicus1/1/69121691Georgia
Anthony Eubanks10/25/9791671Auburn
Derek Russell10/6/9081662TCU
Cobi Hamilton11/27/1031642LSU
Greg Childs10/16/1091642Auburn
Derek Russell10/28/8961642Houston
Cobi Hamilton9/29/12111620Texas A&M
James Shibest9/29/8491562Navy
Chuck Dicus10/4/6991562TCU
Drew Morgan9/26/1581551Texas A&M
Wear Schoonover10/19/29131520Baylor
Jonathan Williams10/13/1231502Kentucky
Chuck Dicus10/3/7061500TCU
Anthony Lucas10/3/9861491Kentucky
Max Peacock11/25/6771491Texas Tech
Gary Stiggers10/28/7851480Houston
Jared Cornelius10/8/1651460Alabama
Cobi Hamilton10/27/12121460Ole Miss
Greg Childs9/11/10121462ULM
Chuck Dicus12/6/6991461Texas
Anthony Eubanks11/28/9741421LSU
Greg Childs9/19/0951402Georgia
Jarius Wright9/5/0961390Missouri State
Joe Adams9/4/1061382Tenn Tech
Anthony Eubanks10/12/9681381Louisiana Tech
D.J. Williams11/7/0971370South Carolina
Marcus Monk11/11/0681372Tennessee
Anthony Lucas11/28/9761371LSU
Derek Russell10/1/8841371TCU
Mike Reppond10/9/7151372Baylor
Bruce Maxwell1/1/7091371Ole Miss
Derek Russell11/24/9051361SMU
Jarius Wright10/29/11101351Vanderbilt
Greg Childs10/17/0941351Florida
Steven Harris9/18/0461332Louisiana-Monroe
Mike Reppond10/2/7171330TCU
Lance Alworth11/18/6161331SMU
Cobi Hamilton9/10/1151321New Mexico
Jarius Wright9/25/1061310Alabama
Cobi Hamilton11/21/0931312Mississippi State
Joe Adams9/18/1061300Georgia
Anthony Eubanks9/28/9681301Louisiana-Monroe
Hunter Henry11/21/1571292Mississippi State
D.J. Williams11/1/0861290Tulsa
D.J. Williams10/25/08101290Ole Miss
Bobby Crockett1/1/66101291LSU
Derek Russell9/22/9071280Tulsa
James Shibest10/20/8471281Texas
J.J. Meadors9/3/9451272SMU
Jim Hodge9/9/7271270Southern California
Jared Cornelius9/24/1671261Texas A&M
Richard Smith10/5/0231251Tennessee
Chuck Dicus10/11/6941250Baylor
Joe Adams10/22/1141240Ole Miss
Greg Childs11/28/0951240LSU
D.J. Williams9/6/0851242Louisiana-Monroe
Marcus Monk9/16/0651241Vanderbilt
Richard Smith10/18/0361231Florida
David Dickey11/25/6761231Texas Tech
Drew Morgan11/7/1591223Ole Miss
Brandon Mitchell9/1/1241220Jacksonville State
Richard Smith9/6/0331221Tulsa
James Shibest10/4/8651210TCU
Joe Adams1/4/1191201Ohio State
Harry Jones10/1/6621202TCU
Bobby Crockett10/30/6551201Texas A&M
Chris Gragg11/19/1181191Mississippi State
Donny Bobo9/10/7721191New Mexico State
Floyd Sagely11/28/5361181Tulsa
Hunter Henry9/12/1581170Toledo
Jonathan Nance10/7/1781161South Carolina
Jim Benton11/20/3781160George Washington
George Wilson11/23/0171151LSU
Jim Hodge11/14/7041150SMU
Steven Harris10/2/0461140Florida
Anthony Lucas9/5/9841132Louisiana-Lafayette
Gerald McMurray11/7/8151130Baylor
Jarius Wright11/1/0851120Tulsa
Cobi Hamilton11/6/1071111South Carolina
George Wilson9/13/0351111Texas
George Wilson12/30/0281111Minnesota
Boo Williams9/2/0041111SW Mo St.
Anthony Eubanks10/5/9661110Florida
Anthony Lucas10/7/9541112Tennessee
Drew Morgan10/3/1551100Tennessee
Hunter Henry11/1/1471100Mississippi State
Chris Gragg9/1/1271102Jacksonville State
Joe Adams10/3/0931100Texas A&M
Gary Anderson10/9/8241101Texas Tech
Hunter Henry9/28/1341090Texas A&M
Joe Adams9/17/1181091Troy
Joe Adams10/31/0931092Eastern Michigan
Jarius Wright9/3/1161082Missouri State
Jarius Wright9/19/0941081Georgia
Anthony Eubanks10/28/9581081Auburn
Donnie Centers11/1/8631081Rice
Donnie Centers9/27/8641081New Mexico State
Keon Hatcher9/20/1461071Northern Illinois
Jared Cornelius10/1/1641062Alcorn State
Keon Hatcher9/5/1561062UTEP
Anthony Lucas9/23/9561061Memphis
Lewis Carpenter9/27/5231061Houston
Keon Hatcher12/29/1661051Virginia Tech
Dominique Reed11/7/1571052Ole Miss
Jarius Wright11/20/1021051Mississippi State
George Wilson11/3/0181051Ole Miss
George Wilson10/25/0361040Ole Miss
Anthony Eubanks9/20/9771041Alabama
Jarius Wright11/5/1141032South Carolina
Anthony Lucas10/14/9551030Ole Miss
Anthony Lucas11/6/9961020Ole Miss
Bobby Nichols10/30/7191020Texas A&M
Bobby Crockett10/16/6581021Texas
Cedric Washington11/20/0451010Mississippi State
Anthony Eubanks11/6/9771011Ole Miss
Bobby Duckworth9/20/8041011Oklahoma State
Jonathan Nance9/23/1731001Texas A&M
George Wilson9/20/0341001North Texas
Anthony Lucas9/19/9831001SMU
Anthony Eubanks9/27/9751001Louisiana Tech
Donny Bobo10/1/7751001TCU