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Game Day football blog — Tulsa

Game Day football blog — Tulsa

4:40 PM — No surprise, Casey Dick wins the Crip Hall Award for the best senior performance in the Homecoming game. Thanks for following the blog today. Check out the game story which is posting as I type.

4:39 PM — One snap and that is it. RAZORBACKS WIN.

4:38 PM — The pass is . . . . INCOMPLETE. Razorbacks take over on downs at their own eight with 41 seconds left.

4:37 PM — Tulsa moves inside the 10; Razorback hold twice and force losses. It all comes down to this — 4th and five at the Arkansas eight yard line. Tulsa takes its final timeout.

4;35 PM — Tulsa moves past midfield. Now at the UA 45. Johnson looks deep and finds Craig Johnson at the 12 yard line.

4:33 PM — After the timeout, Casey Dick throws an interception into the end zone. Tulsa now needs a score to force overtime, and has 3:04 to operate.

4:30 PM — It’s official. This is the longest duration game of the year. Michael Smith grinds it inside to the Tulsa 15. Clock is running with 3:30 left.

4:28 PM — Dick passes for the first down inside the TU 20. He is 15 yards from 400.

4:26 PM — Dick finds a wide open Lucas Miller on the near sideline. Miller rumbles up field for a 34 yard gain and first down at the Tulsa 28. He goes to Miller again for second down and seven.

4:25 PM — First down, nothing up the middle for Smith; but second down on the flair, Smith gets first down yardage. On first again, nothing for Smith.

4:22 PM — The clock is reset to 8:46, that’s about 30 extra seconds. The roar is deafening. Like nothing I’ve heard on a day game in Fayetteville. The build up . . . . and Johnson pooch punts to the 19. That was pretty anticlimactic.

4:20 PM — Tulsa is going for it, and the crowd is so loud that neither can the Golden Hurricane get the audible called, it takes six seconds for the quarterback Johnson to even get the official to hear and recognize that he wants a time out.

4:19 PM — Johnson on the end around goes for a 10 yard loss, and luck it wasn’t more. 3rd and 19 at the 38. The crowd roars. The pass is incomplete. Decision time for Tulsa.

4:17 PM — Damaris Johnson’s 13 yard catch on third down keeps the TU drive moving.

4:15 PM — Tulsa uses a screen for a 16-yard gain to escape its own goal posts, then a solid counter up the middle to advance to the 43 yard line.

4:12 PM — For the first time since 1997, Arkansas has two receivers with over 100 yards in the same game. Williams has 123 and Wright 112. For the day, Dick is sitting on 328 yards off 21-of-33. This is Arkansas’ best passing day of the year.

4:10 PM — Dick keeps for a five yard gain, still third and long at the Tulsa 40. Dick unloads to Williams just as he’s hit, and if D.J. had one more step before out of bounds he probably controls the pass. As it is, he’s still juggling and it brings up fourth down. Davis kills it right on the Tulsa eight yard line, a perfect 32-yard placement punt.

4:08 PM — Dick lobs an easy pass down to the five yard line, but its coming back on holding.

4:06 PM — Johnson escapes one player, then has to dump the ball downfield to avoid another sack. Third and 22, and Johnson goes for it all. The pass is short, and Issac Madison gets the easy pick. He makes a dramatic 43-yard return to the Tulsa 35 yard line.

4:05 PM — Now facing first and 22, Tulsa drops back to pass and Johnson takes a sack. The Golden Hurricane now have second and 23 on their own 27.

4:03 PM — Tulsa has a 20 yard run negated by a holding penalty, and extending the third quarter just a little longer. Now it’s finally over, with Arkansas leading 30-23 after three.

4:00 PM — The fourth quarter, uh, oops. No. The officials indicate after the clock runs out the third to put 11 seconds back on the clock. Too late for TV who has already gone to the quarter time out. Who says you can’t go back in time.

3:55 PM — So much for the tie. Dennis Johnson finds a seam on the right side and he’s off. 96 yards later its Arkansas 29-23 with a flag flying in the end zone for excessive celebration. Tejada is on for the PAT and its good, 30-23.

3:53 PM — After two miscues, Tulsa has to opt for the field goal. Jarod Tracy’s 22-yarder is good and we are tied again, 23-23.

3:52 PM — The Crip Hall Award ballots for the outstanding senior in the Homecoming game are being handed out.

3:51 PM — FUMBLE as the ball squirts up high from the snap. Covered by Johnson the QB for a 12 yard loss.

3:49 PM — On the eighth straight rush, A.J. Whitmore is held for a loss, brings up 2nd and 15. Clay hauls in a pass through double-coverage to put Tulsa on the Arkansas 17. 33 yards on the pass. Two more rushes and Tulsa is now first and goal on the two.

3:48 PM — Tulsa converts on 3rd and one. Still on the ground, run out of bounds in Arkansas territory on the 49.

3:47 PM — Tulsa going to the ground game. Three straight runs, including the option on the last play, to move out to its own 40.

3:44 PM — No gain for Michael Smith on third. Coach Petrino goes for it on fourth and one. Smith with the carry and he’s grabbed at the line of scrimmage. He makes a second effort. This will all be about the placement. The sticks come out and . . . . ball goes over to Tulsa on downs.

3:42 PM — Dick waits a little too long and Wilson Garrison gets the sack for Tulsa. 2nd and 19 for Arkansas. That’s OK. Dick finds Wright and gets back all the sack and almost a first down — its an 18-yard gain for third and one.

3:41 PM — Jarius Wright jets down the visitor sideline for a 34 yard gain. First and 10 Arkansas at the 36. Casey Dick backs it up with a 10-yard bullet to D.J. Williams and its now first down at the TU 25.

3:40 PM — The ruling on the field stands. TU gets charged for the timeout, and that’s their challenge for the second half. Clock starts with 8:43 left in the third, and we’ve been 2:40 in this game.

3:38 PM — Tulsa coach Todd Graham calls timeout to challenge the spot.

3:36 PM — TV timeout. Tulsa has trailed at half four times this year — today being the fourth — but has rallied to win the previous three.

3:35 PM — Tulsa goes for it on fourth down, needing 13. Cory Dorris gets the catch and bounces off one Razorback, caroming toward the sticks. He is met at the down marker by Tramain Thomas to prevent the first down.

3:35 PM — Slick Shelly gets separated from the ball by Matt Harris to set up third and long. The crowd roars to life. The call is late coming in from the Tulsa bench. The play clock is down to eight, now three, Johnson goes for Shelly on the flag pattern and its broken up by Issac Madison.

3:32 PM — Substitution infraction with 12 players in the formation takes the edge off a nice eight-yard gain by Charles Clay for first down. Tulsa now has first and 15. Direct snap to Whitmore only gains back two of the five lost on the penalty.

3:30 PM — 22 yard gain for Damaris Johnson out to the 49 yard line opens the drive for Tulsa.

3:28 PM — The Alumni Association’s Homecoming competition results are on the RazorVision screen. The winners in each category — Residence Halls, Maple Hill; RSO, Beta Upsilon Chi/Gama Eta/Sigma Phi Lambda; Greek Life, Pi Beta Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma

3:25 PM — Dick goes no backs, finds Joe Adams in the flat for four to start the drive. Tulsa brings the house on third down, and the hot route pass to Smith is broken up. Jeremy Davis set to punt, Tulsa brings the rush and can’t get to Davis. A 52 yard punt with little return. TV timeout.

3:21 PM — Jerry Franklin intercepts the flea-flicker pass play from A.J. Whitmore. Franklin loses his helmet but tries to advance. The play is whistled dead, but a face mask call thanks to the de-helmeting gives Arkansas a 15-yard gain out to its own 21 yard line. TV time out.

3:20 PM — Johnson goes deep for 40 yards to Brennan Marion to put TU on the Arkansas 25. Dallas Washington breaks up Johnson’s pass to the end zone and the defense has forced third and long.

3:18 PM — Second time Tulsa’s linemen have frozen on an off-sides call, but the backs continue with the play to completion. After the flag, first down for Tulsa.

3:17 PM — Tulsa takes the kickoff to open the second half, will start from their own 20 and begin with a handoff up the middle.

3:12 PM — Razorbacks return to the field — this is a long 25-minute halftime today for the Homecoming festivities. Still 2:45 left on the clock.

3:08 PM — Arkansas Alumni Association honors several individuals for contributions to the school.

3:03 PM — The traditional final fight song for the senior members of the band.

2:57 PM — And now the homecoming queen is . . . . Pork Chop. No, seriously. Page Daniel is a senior from DeQueen, Ark., and a member of the Razorback mascots as Pork Chop. She’s also a tri-Delt, majoring in food science. She is escorted by Carter Ford, the president of ASG.

2:56 PM — Next is Hillary Swanton of Waco, Texas, a senior. She is escorted by Spencer Lucker.

2:55 PM — Teresia Greer of Little Rock is the next court member, a senior. She’s escorted by Reece Bailey.

2:55 PM — Amanda Cook is next, a senior from Jefferson City, Mo. She’s escorted by Johnny Biggs.2:53 PM — The band is starting its halftime set. Here’s another Willie Oates Homecoming salute. Aside from being one of the more famous former Razorback cheerleaders, Willie Oates was one of the leading volunteers in the central Arkansas area, devoting decades of service to the American Cancer Society and the Salvation Army among others.

2:50 PM — After the kickoff, Tulsa heaves up a prayer for the end zone that’s batted away. Halftime — with Arkansas leading 23-20.

2:47 PM — Pass to Wright is broken up. Tejada on for the field goal attempt, and it’s good. Arkansas 23-20.

2:46 PM — Casey Dick scrambles and recovers the lost five yards. Final time out for Arkansas. When play resumes, there will be 27 seconds on the board and five yards to go for the TD.

2:44 PM — Tulsa rushed a gap and perhaps was aided by a broken play. Regardless, its a five-yard loss to the 10. Arkansas calls its second time out of the half. Tulsa is out of time outs.

2:43 PM — Just in case anyone forgot Arkansas can play it smash-mouth; double-tight ends and overload for Michael Smith to power over the strong side for the first down at the Tulsa four. First and goal with 1:05 left in the half.

2:42 PM — After Dick finds Crawford on the left sideline for eight — one shy of the first down — Tulsa calls its final timeout of the half.

2:40 PM — Dick holds in the pocket, then rolls left. Thinks about another pooch pass, then pulls the ball down to run. Stiff-arms the Tulsa player. Pretty good for a QB, but no McFadden. Dick gets only one yard for his 20-yards worth of lateral work.

2:39 PM — Lucas Miller pulls in the out route for another first down. Hogs at the TU 14 yard line. Dick now 16-24 for 254 yards.

2:37 PM — First down pass for Casey Dick. Ball on the 50. Dick goes for Adams down the right sideline, complete — oh — he bobbles and loses it. Dick rolls to the near sideline, then Fran Tarkington-like lobs it up to Smith for a short gain. Dick rifles one across the middle to Williams for 13 yards and the first down.

2:36 PM — Kickoff squibs out of bounds. Arkansas will be in play at its own 40.

2:35 PM — Tulsa has trailed by as many as eight this year in previous games, spotting Arkansas 17 today. The Golden Hurricane also have trailed at halftime three times this year.

2:33 PM — After a first down, Tulsa now faces third and goal. Charles Clay gets the lob into the end zone from Johnson to make the score 20-19. Point after to come. It’s good, and we’re tied, 20-20.

2:30 PM — Johnson gets away this time, and Cedric Johnson saves the touchdown. Tulsa will be in business at the Arkansas 15 yard line after the 81-yard return.

2:29 PM — 20 points is the most points scored in a first half this year by Arkansas.

2:28 PM — Smith goes left, then right. The net is only a one-yard gain. Now third and goal at the five. Dick lobs for the back corner to Crawford. Pushing both ways but the pass is too high. On for the field goal is Tejada. The 22-yard attempt is good and the score is Arkansas 20, Tulsa 13.

2:25 PM — Darius Wright gets a wide open reception at the 13 yard line, a 14 yard pass, but a flurry of penalty flags for a personal foul face mask will split the distance to the goal line. First and 10 at the seven.

2:24 PM — Pair of runs open the Arkansas posession, now third and five. Dick looks to the sideline. Audible. D.J. Williams catches the short pass over the middle near the 42, then turns up field. He rambles upfield to the Tulsa 32 before being stripped of the ball. It goes out of bounds and stays with Arkansas. 42 yard play.

2:22 PM — 70,021 is today’s official attendance.

2:19 PM — Charles Clay spins out of one tackle and outstrides another pursuer for a 28 yard touchdown run. The PAT is wide right, so the score is Arkansas 17, Tulsa 13.

2:17 PM — After the break, the reverse goes for only one yard. Arkansas; defense doing a good job of staying home. Second down pass gets seven. 3rd and two at the 41 and the crowd comes to life. Audible. Rush. Johnson rolls hard to the right. Finds a receiver at the boundry to the Arkansas 28 as both QB and receiver tightrope.

2:13 PM — Casey Dick fights away from one sack, looks to throw to Smith, fights away again, looks to throw again, then takes the percentage move by pulling down the ball and yielding the loss. Tulsa brings the house on third down and forces Arkansas to punt after another Dick sack. Davis gets away a boomer against a full-on rush by the Hurricane. Fair catch for TU at their own 33. TV timeout. The punt goes for 53 yards.

2:10 PM — This will take a minute to describe. Tulsa’s Johnson drops back, scrambles from the pocket then shovel passes to Tarrian Adams. Adams breaks a tackle then finds some running room. He closes near the first down, but gets crushed and coughs up the ball. It’s recovered in the air by Jerry Franklin, who advances it three yards for the Razorbacks.

2:08 PM — After a false start backs up Tulsa five, a belly draw goes for a loss. On third, Johnson goes for the right corner of the endzone but once again great coverage. The flag is down and it’s offensive pass interference. A 15-yard penalty backs up Tulsa to the Arkansas 43 for third down and most of Washington County.

2:07 PM — Great protection for David Johnson of Tulsa, but super coverage by Arkansas. Johnson waits then breaks for a rushing first down to the 35. Tulsa gets a quick set, and another first down to a wide open receiver. First and 10 at the 21. Johnson tests Ramon Broadway, and the DB breaks up the touchdown in the endzone.

2:05 PM — Rashaad Johnson saves a longer play as the direct snap goes for 15 out to the 50-yard line for Tulsa.

2:00 PM — Starting to get a little cloudy here in Fayetteville. It’s a TV timeout right now. Some nice puffy cumulus clouds, little more like a spring than a fall day.

1:59 PM — After review, the ball hit the ground and it’s back to fourth down. This is Jeremy Davis’ first punt of the day for Arkansas. 45 yard punt, no return

1:56 PM — Joe Adams tips the pass, and it appears to be intercepted by Tulsa at the 44 yard line. The replay gets the crowd going and the referees announce this is under review.

1:54 PM — Arkansas’ swimming and diving team is recognized at the break between quarters. The Razorbacks upset LSU on Thursday, and recently were honored by the nation’s collegiate swim coaches for having fourth highest team GPA in the country.

1:52 PM — First quarter ends with another Casey Dick completion. Arkansas leads 17-7.

1:49 PM — Jacob Bower checks in at QB for Tulsa, and he throws the first touchdown of the day for the Hurricane, a 22-yarder. The PAT is good and its’ 17-7 Arkansas.

1:47 PM — Tulsa gets its first first down of the day, then its first big break with a 47-yard pass play to the 26 of Arkansas. Hurricane break out a new "old" formation to Arkansas fans. The Woodie, gets little. Screen to the left results in a loss of helmet for the receiver.

1:46 PM — Johnson tries again, is wrangled to the turf at the 16. First and 10 for Tulsa and the roar for Arkansas’ defense stuffing the reverse for only a four yard gain.

1:44 PM — After review, the play stands. Tejada’s PAT is good and Arkansas leads 17-0.

1:43 PM — Arkansas has six receivers with catches so far in the game; Tulsa has one reception as a team.

1:41 PM — Here’s the thing that eight other opponents have learned. You can’t stop Michael Smith, you can only hope to contain him. And Smith just broke through on the Hurricane. First he busts through tackles to carry the ball down to the four. Next play, he hauls what appears to be half the Hurricane line into the endzone. The play is under review.

1:39 PM — Not to worry. Dick finds Joe Adams for 11 yards, then Adams hits the breaks, changes direction, and adds another 13 yards to the play. 24-yard game to the Tulsa 34 yard line and the Golden Hurricane call their second time out of the day.

1:38 PM — Casey Dick’s playfake gives him all day. He checks the ribs, flips the burgers, oh, yeah, let me throw this football. Michael Smith has beaten his man but the pass is just an inch too deep.

1:37 PM — Tulsa working hard to limit Michael Smith. Arkansas now faces 3rd and 9 at the 36. No backs, Dick finds Miller crossing. It will depend on the spot. Miller fought just far enough — FIRST DOWN.

1:36 PM — Tulsa’s QB isn’t being heard by his lineman, on third down he has to run the length of the line to be heard on the audible. It only nets eight yards and its three and out for the second straight possession. The noise of the South end of RRS is having the intended effect.

1:35 PM — The 10 points scored by Arkansas so far in this first quarter equal the eight previous first quarters — combined.

1:33 PM — Tulsa’s Johnson takes on the goal line and gets stuffed at the 19.

1:30 PM — Credit Tulsa’s secondary with breaking up a touchdown pass; pause in the action while the officials talk. Two penalties issued on Joe Adams — ineligible receiver and touching the ball down field. Fourth down and Alex Tejada steps on to attempt his first field goal since the fourth game of the year (at Texas). The sophomore hits from 30 yards out — his first made FG of the year, it’s 10-0 Arkansas.

1:29 PM — Casey Dick is already over 100 yards in the air. He’s 5-of-6 overall with one TD. Razorbacks move on the ground to third and 4 at the 14 of Tulsa.

1:26 PM — But the Golden Hurricane is having a heck of a time stopping Arkansas in the air. Talk about yards after the catch. Lucas Miller releases D.J. Williams for an extra 15 yards with a punishing, "ooooohh ahhh" drawing hit. Arkansas is now 1st and 10 at the Tulsa 19 — a gain of 39 yards. Tulsa calls a time out to regroup.

1:25 PM — Tulsa has committed to stopping Michael Smith. He loses one on first down.

1:24 PM — As mentioned earlier in the blog, today is our first Homecoming without Willie Oates. Legend has it that Will Etta Long came to Fayetteville in 1938, meet and married her husband, Dr. Gordon Oates. The Oates were such fans they spent their honeymoon in 1941 watching Arkansas play in the Sugar Bowl.

1:22 PM — Three and out for Tulsa with a net loss of two yards; Razorbacks take over on the punt at their own 43 yard line. TV timeout.

1:20 PM — Quarterback David Johnson gets his welcome to the SEC, sacked for a six yard loss on the first play, then dropped again for a loss back to the Tulsa five yard line. Hurricane face third and 25 pinned against the roar of the South End Zone. My laptop screen is shaking from the crowd.

1:19 PM — Kerry Battle welcomes the Tulsa kick off returner to the SEC. 1st and 10 at the 20.

1:16 PM — TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS!!!! Casey Dick threads it right to Andrew Davie at the five and the big tight end muscles into the end zone. The PAT is good and Arkansas leads, 7-0. 80 yards in nine plays.

1:15 PM — Coach Petrino calls Smith’s number again, a well placed counter, and its an Arkansas Razorback . . . . FIRST DOWN at the Tulsa 14.

1:13 PM — Michael Smith on a pair of carries advances Arkansas to the Tulsa 18 yard line. 3rd and two and the crowd roars to life. Dick is 3 of 3 to start the game.

1:12 PM — Jarius Wright lays out for the picture perfect lob from Casey Dick — 1st and 10 at the Tulsa 42 yard line. 34 yards on the completion. D.J. Williams backs it up with a 16 yarder on the next play to the 26.

1:10 PM — Casey Dick quick drop, into the left flat to London Crawford for a five yard game to open the game.

1:08 PM — Anyone who has thought the crowds were quiet this year — thinking back to a lot of comments from last week’s game — haven’t been in the house this year. It’s a roaring crowd as we see the Tulsa kickoff skid out of the back of the end zone.

1:07 PM — 71 degrees and light wind at kickoff; Tulsa has won the toss and elected to differ.

1:00 PM — As expected — the crowd has filled in nicely, with a large group of blue-clad Tulsa fans.

12:45 PM — While today is the last Fayetteville football game, this coming week is the opening of basketball season. The Razorback men’s team hosts its exhibition game with Campbellsville on Monday while the women’s team hosts Rogers State on Wednesday. Both teams open the regular season in two weeks.

12:42 PM — Senior Day introductions have begun. If you are RazorVision, you can watch them live.

12:27 PM — Speaking of alumni, today won’t be the same for one group. This is the first Homecoming without Willie Oates. Every Razorback fan knew who Willie was — the former cheerleader from the late 1930s and early 1940s. She made her way back to Fayetteville every Homecoming, sporting her vintage cheer outfit. There will be several former Razorback cheerleaders in their old unis today, but we’ll all miss Willie. She passed in March of this year. We’ll have several pieces of Willie Oates legend trivia in the blog today.

12:26 PM — Razorback band marching in. Today is special for several groups, and at halftime the band seniors are recognized. Of course, we’ll have the Alumni Band — about 100 strong — in attendance.

12:24 PM — Crowd is slowly filtering into the facility, but there is a very large crowd on the sidewalks and tailgate areas that I can see from the press box. You get the sense they’ll stay at their tailgates to the last minute, then head in.

12:19 PM — Arkansas specialists are out in full gear for warmups.

12:15 PM — People ask where do you do the blog from. Here’s a look at the view from my seat. It’s from the Alabama game, but you get the idea.

12:00 PM — Page Daniels and her Homecoming court are loading up on top of the Tusk trailer for the pregame drive around Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

11:45 AM — Remember, if you sign up for PPV through the website, you are getting feed from the website to your computer. If you want the game PPV for your TV, contact your local cable provider in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

11:30 AM — Hog Heaven is holding a 25 percent off sale this weekend — everything in the store is 25 percent off. That makes this weekend a great chance to get your Razorback fans’ holiday season gift shopping out of the way. The sale runs through Sunday, Nov. 2.

11:25 AM — Back in a few minutes; heading back to the press box from Barnhill.

11:19 AM — The parents are starting to flow into Barnhill Arena. They will be assembling to walk out on the field at the Barn. Obviously a very emotional day for these parents — the last time their sons will be wearing the Cardinal and White in Fayetteville.

11:10 AM — Heading over to stream ops on campus for a last minute check for PPV.

11:05 AM — Razorback specialists start walkthroughs. Bobby Knight was on Game Day making picks. We couldn’t hear the audio on his pick for this game, but whatever Knight said, it got a big laugh.

11:01 AM — Golden Hurricane is walking through in sweats.

11:00 AM — Welcome to Homecoming 2008. It is an absolutely gorgeous day in Fayetteville — the kind you remember from your days as a student on campus. The leaves are turning this week, and this weekend likely is the peak for those vivid reds and yellows. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the slightest of breezes rippling the flags on the East stands.

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