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Getting to know Corinna Rees

Getting to know Corinna Rees

Getting to know Corinna ReesWhat are your twofavorite golf shots?-3/4 Wedges stuck close-Solid iron shots-putts that go in!

What are your three favorite holes at Blessings?-#1, #10, and #17

What are your three favorite classes at the University?-Administrative Law-Akransas Politicis-Supreme Court and the Constitution

What are your three favorite foods?-Italian Food-Mexican Food-American Food

List some things you like about campus.-The Razorback mascot-The traditions-The fan spirit

What are some things you have learned about your teammates?-They are fun, loving and hard-working

Some of my favorite golf memories include:-Winning the 2005 California Junior Girls Championship with all my family and friends watching-Being a part of our first team victory of my senior year at the Susie Maxwell

If I wasn’t playing golf, I would……be in law school

I am majoring in…Political Science, Criminal Justice with a minor in Legal Studies

My plans after graduation include: to pursue a professional golf career

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