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Getting to know Emma Lavy

Getting to know Emma Lavy

Getting to know Emma LavyWhat are your twofavorite golf shots?-8-iron-105-yard shot

What are your three favorite holes at Blessings?-#7, #16, and #17

What is your favorite class at the University?-Sociology

What are your three favorite foods?-Cheese Dip-Spaghetti-Baked Potato

List some things you like about campus.-Beautiful campus-Watching the football team-Experiencing all four seasons throughout the year

What are some things you have learned about your teammates?-They are fun with a good sense of humor. Everyone is supportive of each other and are awesome.

Some of my favorite golf memories include:-Traveling with my four sisters and parent around the world to play golf

If I wasn’t playing golf, I would……..Shopping and hanging out with my friends

I am majoring in…..Communications

My plans after graduation include: I don’t know what my plans are but I hope to be successful in whatever I do.

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