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Getting To Know Summar Roachell

Getting To Know Summar Roachell

We pause this week to get to know one of the team members just a little bit better. Hope you enjoy this Q&A with freshman Summar Roachell.
What is your favorite club or golf shot and why? My favorite club is a wedge.I like how creative you can be with it and hit a bunch of different shots.
What is your favorite hole to play at Blessings and why? My favorite hole at Blessings is the par 3 number 5.I think it is a great par 3 and I usually have a really good club on the hole. It sets up great for the type of shot I like to hit.
What makes the University of Arkansas and the Razorback women’s golf team special? I think what makes us special is that we are like family. We have each other’s back through the good and the bad. We believe in each other so much. There isn’t a better group out there. Mike and Shauna give us everything we need to be successful. Also the support we get from the razorback fans. Growing up in Arkansas it is neat to see razorback fans everywhere you go and most of the time they know exactly how we have been doing. There is no other school, I think, that has as much support as we do.
What is something not very many people know about you? Not many people know that I really like to draw. In high school I was able to take some art classes and I really enjoyed the creativity of them.
What would you do if you didn’t play golf? If I didn’t play golf I would still be in sports. Either coaching or working for ESPN or Nike.
What are your plans after graduation/what is your major? Graduation is still a ways away for me! But I plan on playing golf at the professional level. My major is accounting as of right now.

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