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GymBack Gossip!

Two Pre-Season Traditions Return!

Question of the Day and Spirit Day

Question of the Day…

Everyday on the floor board Dave poses a question of the day. Some of the questions are simple like: "What is your favorite fruit?". Some of the questions are quite interesting. Last week we were challenged to name a mascot in which a University is named after each of us. For example, Sarah Nagashima named the mascot of Nagashima University, the Ninjas. The questions expanded upon one another throughout the week. We had to choose our colors for our university as well.

Spirit Day…

Spirit Day is every Friday. For last weeks spirit day Jaime Pisani was in charge of naming the theme. We had to dress as our mascot of our univeristy! The costumes were creative and unique. Below are the pictures of some of the most entertaining!

The Magee Rain

The Stout Teapots

The Nagashima Ninjas

The Lewis Lemonheads

The Bartlett Pears and the Pisani Pizzas

The DeFilippo Newfies


If you have a question of the day or an idea for spirit day, contact a member of the coaching staff!

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