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@RazorbackGYM Social Media Recap

@RazorbackGYM Social Media Recap

During the summer we will check in with the Gymbacks and their summer vacations here each week.

congrats to our track backs… #SECCHAMPS 😊❤️🐗🏆👏

— Bailee Zumwalde (@gymbackbay) May 18, 2014

My parents are literally the best! I don’t know how they do it!

— Heather Elswick (@witwickayyy) May 18, 2014

I should probably go run, but..yeah

— sammy kolbas (@sammykolbas) May 18, 2014

#BecauseItsTheCup legggoooo hawks

— sammy kolbas (@sammykolbas) May 18, 2014

Dinner time with the family!!! ❤️😍

— Heather Elswick (@witwickayyy) May 18, 2014

ITS MAY AND I WILL WEAR SHORTS TODAY. Idc if I’m cold, but it’s FREAKING MAY and that’s what you wear in May #ugh

— sammy kolbas (@sammykolbas) May 17, 2014

“@gymbackbay: Is it whataburger or waterburger? 😕🍔😄🙈 #northerngirlquestions ❓” it’s What A Burger! 😂🙉

— Sydnie Dillard (@TheOfficialSydD) May 19, 2014

Thanks to the parents! I’m home!!!

— Katherine Grable (@KatherineGrable) May 14, 2014

Yesss I love Illinois in May ❄️😑

— Amanda Wellick (@wellie54) May 16, 2014

new minion mayhem ride at universal studios… who’s comin’ with me? 😊💙💛🎢🙌

— Bailee Zumwalde (@gymbackbay) May 19, 2014

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