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Gymnastics He Said She Said

Gymnastics He Said She Said

He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said is a continuing diary from the Coaches Cook. Find out what’s going on with the team on an ongoing basis.HeSaid

The coaches with their hog noses!

Well, we over half way through the competitive season and things are really tightening up. It’s amazing how close so many teams are in the national rankings. It is fair to say that in our subjective sport with objective criteria any team can move ahead on any given weekend. That is why it is important to be vigilant in expecting consistent judging. In addition, we coaches must help by providing the officials with clear guidelines that we wished to be judged.

Moving on to our team, I am happy to say that we are beginning to hit our stride in training. Our past meet in Kentucky was a good one and demonstrated our ability to focus on the road. Another true test will be this weekend when we travel to Auburn. Both of our teams are very close in ability, and I predict this meet will come down to the wire.

Our line-up has been somewhat fluid in our pursuit to find the best six scores per event. However, at this time of the season it is necessary to create a flow by establishing a more consistent line-up. Every athlete on the edge must be ready to step up and come in to keep our momentum to the finish line. It is not as important how you start the race as it is how you finish it.

The road to success, whatever that may be, is measured by what you have learned along the way. I know that our six freshmen have learned much, and are quick studies. Our wish for them and the entire team is to gain respect and a perception of excellence that they whole heartily deserve. GYMBACKS ROCK!

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