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Gymnastics wins on senior night

Gymnastics wins on senior night

FAYETTEVILLE — Seniors Kelci Lewis, Amy Borsellino and Jordan Salsberg competed in Barnhill Arena for the last time in their careers as the No. 25 University of Arkansas gymnastics team (4-5-1, 1-4-1 SEC) scored a 196.650, picking up its first quad-meet win of the season against the University of Missouri Tigers (3-9, 0-7 SEC), 194.300; Centenary, 190.525 and Lindenwood, 191.125.

Junior Katherine Grable led the vault and beam rotations with a 9.90 and 9.875, respectively, to take the event titles as well. Grable would also lead the floor rotation to tie the fifth-best score in program history of 49.400 with a 9.95. Junior Shelby Salmon claimed her second bars title of the season with a 9.90 for the event.

“It was important for us to come back and have another strong competition after last weekend,” co-head coach René Lyst said. “We were a little shaky on the beam tonight but we did not have to count any falls or mistakes, and were able to get a good home score that will count for us and help us climb in the rankings.”

In rotation one, the Razorbacks vaulted to an early lead in the meet with a 49.225. Grable led the way for Arkansas with a 9.90 to collect the event title, followed by Lewis and freshman Heather Elswick with a 9.85 each. Junior Bailee Zumwalde added a 9.825 and Borsellino with a 9.80.

Missouri would score a 48.875 on the bars, Centenary tallied a 47.200 on the beam and Lindenwood picked up a 48.050 on floor to trail the Razorbacks after the first rotation

On the bars, The Razorbacks recorded a 49.150 led by the event champion in Salmon with a 9.90. Borsellino posted a 9.875 followed by fellow senior Salsberg with a 9.85 in their last bars routines in Barnhill Arena.

Mizzou scored a 48.825 on the beam to give them a total of 97.700 halfway through the meet. Centenary added a 47.675 on the floor for a total of 94.875 followed by Lindenwood with a 47.850 on the vault for a 95.900 at the end of the second rotation.

On the beam, The Razorbacks picked up a 48.875 led by Grable with a 9.875 and the event title. Freshman Keara Glover added a season-high score of a 9.85 as well as a pair of 9.725’s from Borsellino and freshman Sydnie Dillard.

Mizzou scored a 47.750 on the floor in rotation three, followed by Centenary with a 48.025 on the vault and Lindenwood with a 47.075 on the bars. The Razorbacks would maintain the lead after the third rotation.

On the floor, the Razorbacks would tie for the fifth-best score in program history with a 49.400 led by the event title holder with a 9.95 in Grable. Borsellino added a 9.90 followed by a trio of Razorbacks with a 9.85 in Lewis Elswick and Dillard, additionally Zumwalde scored a 9.825 on the event.

“Floor is definitely our strength,” Lyst said. “Picking up a score like that at the end of the meet will definitely boost our confidence moving ahead into the next couple of competitions which is really important for our team right now. It was a great way to finish out the meet tonight in front of the crowd tonight especially for the seniors.”

The Razorbacks will return to competition next Saturday, Mar. 1 in Minneapolis, Minn., against Minnesota, Nebraska and Centenary.

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Mar. 1, 2013

Barnhill Arena

Fayetteville, Ark.

Att. 3,012



Vault: 49.225

Amy Borsellino 9.800, Bailee Zumwalde 9.825, Kelci Lewis 9.850, Heather Elswick 9.850, Katherine Grable 9.900, Erin Freier 9.750


Bars: 48.875

Sandra Ostad 8.875, Laura Kappler 9.775, Mackenzie McGill 9.750, Miranda Eubank 9.800, Rachel Updike 9.825, Taylor Medrea 9.725


Beam: 47.250

Tawnee Hadd 7.625, Jessica Lieblich 9.175, Meg Crowley 9.275, Robyn Price 9.40, Kellie Slater 9.65, Stephanie Strickler 9.70


Floor: 48.050

Lauren Cartmell 9.40, Tori Beckwith 9.425, Emily Turik 9.5, Valleri Ingui 9.7, Courtney Heise 9.675, Rachel Zabawa 9.75



Bars: 49.150

Keara Glover 9.725, Jordan Salsberg 9.800, Erin Freier 9.100, Katherine Grable 9.875,

Amy Borsellino 9.900, Shelby Salmon 9.850


Beam: 48.825

Laura Kappler 9.775, Cathryn Aliceaacosta 8.550, Rachel Henderson 9.750, Rachel Updike 9.825, Tori Howard 9.725, Mackenzie McGill 9.750


Floor: 47.675

Tawnee Hadd 9.5, Kellie Slater 9.275, Chrity Martinez 9.575, Jessica Lieblich 9.475, Robyn Price 9.550, Meg Crowley 9.625


Vault: 47.850

Valeri Ingui 9.60, Daniela Fumagalli 9.525, Courtney Heise 9.425, Alicia Floyd 9.525, Emily Turik 9.05, Rachel Zabawa 9.775



Beam: 48.875

Katherine Grable 9.875, Shelby Salmon 9.575, Keara Glover 9.850, Amy Borsellino 9.725, Sydnie Dillard

9.725, Erin Freier 9.700


Floor: 47.750

Taylor Medrea 9.375, Cathryn Aliceaacosta 9.650, Sandra Ostad 9.025, Miranda Eubank 9.750, Tori Howard 9.800, Laura Kappler 9.175


Vault 48.025

Jessica Liebich 9.525, Meg Crowley 9.650, Christie Martinez 9.70, Kellie Slater 9.425, Robyn Price 9.725, Noel Stubbs 9.225


Bars 47.075

Alicia Floyd 9.20, Lauren Cartmell 9.375, Daniela Fumagalli 8.625, Trystien Charles 9.15, Emily Turik 9.65 Courtney Heise 9.70



Floor: 49.400

Bailee Zumwalde 9.825, Heather Elswick 9.850, Sydnie Dillard 9.850, Katherine Grable 9.850, Kelci Lewis 9.900, Amy Borsellino 9.950


Vault: 48.850

Laura Kappler 9.650, Cathryn Aliceaacosta 9.525, Miranda Eubank 9.725, Tori Howard 9.800, Rachel Updike 9.875, Sandra Ostad 9.800


Bars 47.625

Meg Crowley 8.75, Noel Stubbs 9.075, Christie Martinez 9.750, Robyn Price 9.550, Jessica Lieblich 9.750, Stephanie Strickler 9.50


Beam 48.150

Emily Turik 9.45, Alicia Floyd 9.70, Courtney Heise 9.625, Valeri Ingui 9.75, Rachel Zabawa, 9.35 Lauren Cartmell 9.625

Download: NCAA Gymnastics Score Sheet.pdf

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