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Heather Elswick – Floor Music

Heather Elswick – Floor Music

Heather Elswick’s Floor Music:

Panera En Libertad and Jazz Machine from the movie Dance with Me

Heather’s Tumbling Passes:

1st pass: Round off + back handspring + double pike

2nd pass: Round off + layout 1 1/2 + front layout

3rd pass: Switch side leap + wolf 1/1

4th pass: Round off + back handspring + double tuck

Heather’s Thoughts On Her Music:

“I love my floor music this year,” sophomore Heather Elswick said. “My music allows me to be more energetic in my routine and I just enjoy my routine more while I am putting on a performance for the fans. I love my floor routine because it allows me to express myself and my excitement for the routine while I am out there."

Sports Category : Gymnastics (W)