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Hogs and Dogs in the AM

Hogs and Dogs in the AM

ON THE ROAD TO ATHENS: Never forget that the South is one huge Gothic novel. And so also, the Southeastern Conference. Only on the way to an old school destination like UGA would your barista have this story. In asking the best way from my hotel in far north Atlanta this morning, he recounts that as a grad of UGA, he’d head down road X, "which will take you by the road where my family farm was." OK, now I’m intrigued Yes, he continued, and the family named road is here. Had been there for over 200 years in his family. And before I could ask the question in my mind . . . "that is until grandpa sold it all. Yep, he missed out on making a whole lot of money with the housing boom." And, that’s why he was the barista, not a land baron. Enjoy the pregame video in the blog space until I return from a tour of the locker room and UGA’s house.
iHOG, RAZORVISION, STREAMING FOOTBALL: Reminders once again, if you want to listen to the games from Razorback Sports Network on your mobile device, get the iHog 2.0 app and pair that with your RazorVision account. Verify your phone early. If the RazorVision account isn’t verifying on your phone, get help by using the "Contact Us" button on our main website, The very high likelihood is you have forgotten a password or have a log-in issue and the good folks with NeuLion, our on-line provider, are the ones that help with that. Going to iTunes or the iHog page for that kind of technical assistance will delay your response. That said, it is the time of year where I see a lot of questions about streaming football via RazorVision. There is a lot of football available only to RazorVision members — game replays, the audio stream from RSN, streaming of the Bobby Petrino Show on Wednesday nights and archives of Inside Razorback Football with Bobby Petrino. Let me be clear here — the thing you are not going to get is streaming regular season football. That has never been available to RazorVision — or the predecessor websites either — per Southeastern Conference television contract policy. Yes, we know that other schools get to stream non-conference or all games for football. They are not in the SEC. But that should not deter fans from seeing Razorback football live — this is one of the benefits of the SEC. We might not have it, but the league does through it’s arrangement with ESPN and ESPN3. Double check early to see if you have ESPN3 in your area via your internet provider.
BIG NEWS FOR MILITARY OVERSEAS: I had a discussion with the SEC rep at the ULM game about our alums deployed overseas and how great it would be if they could see the games via ESPN3 along with hearing them from us (click on FANS at the top of the website, then Military Audio for your complimentary RazorVision account). The league rep agreed and took that back to Birmingham. After checking with Bristol, ESPN3 should be available to any U.S. military installation around the world. So, during the blog, I’ll make that reminder, but if you are deployed and you can’t get ESPN3, send me a note and I’ll forward that on to ESPN. <a href="" mce_href="" >Arkansas at Georgia</a>

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