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Hogs Insider With Chuck Barrett

Hogs Insider With Chuck Barrett

Less than two weeks and counting! The official start of the Bret Bielema era is at hand, and all across the Razorback nation, anticipation fills the air. From Lake Village to Bella Vista to Blytheville to Texarkana, Hog fans are ready. We’re ready too, and we’re glad you stopped by for our first edition of Hogs Insider. We’ll do this three times a week and hopefully share some perspective on the Razorbacks.

My thanks to the Rotary Club of Clarksville and& the Noon Exchange Club in Fort Smith for allowing me to join them this week. And the Johnson County Single Parent Scholarship fund banquet was one of the highlights of my week. I love traveling around the state this time of year and getting a feel for what Hog fans think. I’ll learn more at the Razorback Club meeting in West Memphis Tuesday night.

The Razorbacks are the tie that binds us all together, and that’s never more evident than at the start of another year. The Razorbacks are part of our fabric as a state, and there are, no doubt, many thrills ahead.

It’s been my observation that fans LIKE Bret Bielema and want him to do well. This is a tough league, but the fans I’ve talked to are excited to get started.

Couple of notes from camp…This coaching staff and these players have remarkable rapport. Everyone is on the same page. You can tell Coach B has applied his stamp.

Alex Collins is for real, Hunter Henry has a chance to be an all timer, and Brandon Allen is a whole lot better than many may think.

This team will grow before our eyes this season.

Back later in the week .. Til then..Go Hogs!

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