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Homecoming 2009

Homecoming 2009

By Tyler ClarkArkansas Media Relations Homecoming week is always an exciting time for everyone associated with the University of Arkansas. It includes events all around campus leading up to Arkansas volleyball, soccer and football athletic events.

Spencer Lucker, Communications Chair of the Student Alumni Board was able to provide some information about Homecoming 2009 and all of its festivities. Unique to this fall’s events is the celebration of “100 Years of the Razorback”. “The theme for Homecoming this year is It’s a Red and White Affair: Celebrating 100 Years of Razorback Pride,” Lucker said. The story goes along with the Razorbacks is 100 years ago after beating LSU, 16-0 on Nov. 13, 1909, the Arkansas Razorbacks returned home and then football coach, Hugo Bezdek, proclaimed his team “played like a wild band of razorback hogs.” From then on the name caught on and shaped the pride of a community and a state for many years to come.

Homecoming festivities this year will have both a fun as well as community service focus. “We kick the week off with Hot Dogs for Homecoming,” Lucker said. “That event has the Homecoming Court handing out hot dogs and refreshments to students. We then move into events like the 16th Annual Unity Step Show, Homecoming Cook-off, Pigskin Classic sponsored by IMRS, the UP Talent Show, Banner competitions, and Up Till Dawn Movie Night at Bud Walton [Arena]. At the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally, the Homecoming Queen will be announced as well.”

Competitions are an integral part of the Homecoming festivities with Greek organizations, residence halls and registered student organizations all competing against each other. One important part of Homecoming that captures that essence of the competitive spirit is this year’s campus wide Blood Drive. Last year the Blood Drive was a huge success as it collected 1,592 units of blood. This year the bar has been raised. “Our goal this year is to collect 1,909 units of blood in honor of the year that the Razorback became part of UA tradition,” Lucker said. “I think the Blood Drive serves as the community awareness aspect of Homecoming. Everyone looks at Homecoming as a week of fun events, however the Blood Drive shows that we as a student body are aware of the needs of our community and have a passion to help our community.”

Razorback sports also serve an important role in Homecoming events. “Razorback football is the focus as it is the Homecoming for the football team,” Lucker said. “The athletic department and our mascot, the Razorback, is what we center our pride and tradition around for Homecoming and the University of Arkansas”.

With Homecoming coming to a conclusion, there are several athletic events that help it go out with a bang. Friday night, October 30, the Razorback volleyball and soccer teams played at their respective arenas and as part of Halloween on the Hill, all fans in attendance were encouraged to wear red. The football game kicks off Saturday with another wear red event as fans are encouraged to show that they bleed Razorback Red. The women’s volleyball team concludes the athletic related activities and Homecoming with a game on Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

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