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Houston Nutt Press Conference Transcript

Houston Nutt Press Conference Transcript

The following is a brief transcript of Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt’s weekly press conference.

Opening Statement:
“Always feels good to win. It feels like it’s been a lifetime since we won a game. We got to play a lot of people against Weber State and that is the biggest positive about the game. We had an all freshmen backfield at times during the game. We played a lot of young guys on the defensive side of the ball as well.
“The thing that we are going to stress today at practice is to continue to get better and eliminate the mistakes. We could have had more than 300 yards passing if we don’t have some dropped balls, and some penalties. We are going to demand more from the players.

On Weber State’s rushing yardage:
“I don’t like to give up that much. But if you look at the whole game, there was some improvement in some areas. There were a lot of people who did not play, guys like Curt Davis, Carlos Hall and Tony Bua, which meant we had less experienced players in the game. The good news is that some young players got some playing time under their belt.”

Is the defense playing at the same level as it was in the first couple of games?
“We probably didn’t play at that same level last night. But we are coming off a tough game at Georgia and not having some key guys in there hurt a little.”

Did you get any work done on South Carolina last week?
“You know each week that there will be certain plays you run in each game. And we tried to work on that and have that preparation carry over to this week. We certainly did not look ahead, because that can be dangerous.”

How is Fred Talley?
“He’s not 100 percent. He doesn’t have the speed he had last year. But, he is getting that quick burst back on his first couple of steps. He’s getting better and he is getting closer to being that back again.”

How much did you talk about redshirting Talley?
“We considered it before the season, but once the season gets here we needed him in the lineup.”

Did Talley come along quicker than you thought?
“Yes. I thought it would take a full year. I thought he would limp all they way through two-a-days.”

How is Cedric Cobbs?
“I’m hoping he will go out today and be the best he has been in two weeks.”

What about Brandon Holmes?
“He is very sore today. He has a sprained foot.”

How is the quarterback situation heading into this week’s game?
“We’ll probably start Zak Clark this week. He has done a good job. Ryan will get some work in this week and we’ll have him ready to go. We have four quarterbacks and all do different things very well. But, we can’t get four ready to play and that is what’s tough.

“They all have the packages they will work with in practice, but the majority of the work will go to Zak Clark.”

What will Matt Jones’ role be the rest of the year?
“He can run the option and he can throw better than you think. And that will be his package. He will also be out there at wide receiver.”

Talk about the South Carolina game this week:
“We’re back in the SEC and they will be highly ranked. They are 5-0 and a good team. And it’s easy to get up for a game like that. We are going to play extremely hard. They are very sound in the kicking game. Offensively, they are not fancy but their quarterback does a good job moving the ball. They don’t make mistakes. I don’t think he has thrown an interception all year.

“Defensively, they are excellent. They move on every snap and we will have to play a perfect game in order to win.”

Will Decori Birmingham stay at running back?
“Right now he will. It’s going to be Talley, Cobbs and Decori until we find out what is happening with Brandon. Then we will have Pierce and Lancaster at fullback.”

What about Curt Davis?
“His hamstring is tender today. Aaron Dixon and Elliot Harris will get the work in his place.”

Will Brandon Holmes play this week?
“I’m not sure. It just depends on how he responds to treatment and how quickly he heals.”

How crucial is this game?
“There is a lot of football left to be played. This is the best team we will play the rest of the season. But they are all big games and this week is certainly no different.”

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