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Houston Nutt Press Conference – RazorFest/Spring Football Preview

Houston Nutt Press Conference – RazorFest/Spring Football Preview

Opening Comments…

“We are excited about spring football and as you know we always end things on April 14 with RazorFest and Fan Day. We have a lot of things happening that day.”

“We always look forward to spring practice. It’s a great time for teaching and learning and getting someone better. Especially the guys who have redshirted, they are looking forward to it. They have had a good winter, off-season conditioning time, so they are ready to go. I can’t wait.”

On implementing the new offense…

“The first place you start is with fundamentals and that’s at every position. You want to get that player better at his position. Offensively, what we want to do is put a lot of emphasis on our passing game. Protection, our backs, getting them involved. Our receivers, we want them to get better. It’s about executing under pressure. When they have you outnumbered, does the quarterback know where to go with the ball? It’s about protecting the quarterback and the quarterback having a feel for getting rid of the ball. That’s where we are. We have done a great job of running the football.”

“We have some younger guys that are a year older, a lit bit better in numbers. Rod Coleman is back out there, Chris Baker has really had a good off-season. Robert Johnson has really come on. He’s trimmed up a bit. I think he’s the best he has ever been for us.”

On two practices before spring break…

“It’s a good way to get two practices just helmets and no pads. When we come back we will go right into pads. We wanted to get two days under our belt to throw some things out there. We are going to be in two-minute drill tomorrow. We are going to move pretty fast and get some things on film.”

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