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How we spend the holiday . . .

How we spend the holiday . . .

Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations Chris Wyrick shares this holiday tradition at his home:

For me and the Wyrick family, it has been and always will be about tradition. We lost my mom to cancer several years ago and use the Holidays to reflect fondly on her life. Simply said, she loved, I mean loved to shop.

In honor of that spirit, my girls and I invented the Holiday Dash–we go to a family dinner, then head to Wal-Mart to honor mom. Each kid, along with me and my wife, have exactly ten minutes to fill a shopping cart with whatever we can grab and return to the register–because my mom "Gram" was always in a hurry, you must have your stuff back to the checkout line and ready to roll in the allotted time!

We love this fun,new tradition and it always helps to have some extra gifts around the house because you never know who might show up!

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