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In the Spotlight: Ramon Broadway

In the Spotlight: Ramon Broadway

In the Spotlight with Ramon Broadway

By Tyler Clark

The veteran presence of senior Ramon Broadway has been essential to the secondary and defensive unit as a whole this season. Broadway came off of the 2009 season with an impressive 55 tackles and three fumble recoveries. This season, the 5-9 cornerback out of Shreveport, La., has taken on the role of captain with open arms.“It meant a lot to me that my teammates selected me as captain,” Broadway said. “As team captain, I have a lot of jobs because being captain goes further than the football field. I’m not just a football player. I’m more of the old head on the team and the younger guys can call on when they have problems. Also, I’m a father so I like caring for guys that are younger than me. F o o t b a l l -wi s e , however, I think the guys love the energy I bring to the table to get them psyched to go out and beat anybody.” Since coming into the Razorback program and being redshirted as a freshman in 2006, Broadway has grown a lot as a player. By listening to the advice of his coaches, he has become a smarter player on the field by being diligent off the field. “I think my intelligence for the game has improved,” Broadway said. “I spend a lot of time in the film room. People have told me that to be successful at this level and at the next level it takes watching a lot of film. I latched on to that and now I love to be in the film room. When I’m in the film room, I learn what the offense is trying to do, a guy’s stance, and about the personnel I’m facing. I have a whole notebook on the guy that I’m going against and I write down his tendencies and the things he likes to do.”Broadway views the cornerback position as one of the toughest on the field. In addition to his off-thefield preparation, Broadway takes a certain mindset onto the field every game to help him succeed. “To be a good cornerback, you have to be competent in all phases of the game,” Broadway said. “You have to be able to cover, to hit and to also have F.B.I. F.B.I. is what we call football intelligence. To me, corner is the hardest position on the field. If the lineman or linebackers mess up, we save them. However, when we mess up, the scoreboard lights up. So, I think people should always give corners a little more credit than they do. I think that’s why as a corner you have to have great confidence and amnesia. You can’t dwell on the situation that just happened.

The toughest thing about being a corner is realizing that you’re going to get beat at some point.” Looking back on his time at the University of Arkansas, Broadway will miss a lot about the team aspect of the game. He also can point to one especially memorable aspect of his full career as a Razorback football player.“The thing that I’m going to miss most is being able to be on a team with guys in a brotherhood,” Broadway said. “It is bigger than any fraternity or anything of that nature. I’m going to miss these guys around here.”

After leaving Arkansas, Broadway has some exciting plans for his future. When people look back on Broadway as the player, there are a certain things that he also hopes will stick with fans over time.

“I’m definitely going to train for the NFL and hopefully get a shot at that,” Broadway said. “After I’m done with that, I’d like to go into coaching or maybe the FBI. The one thing I want to be always remembered as is a guy who was always accountable.

I was always dependable for whatever my teammates needed me to be. Whatever my coaches wanted me to do, I was that. I brought energy and I helped people believe in something they never thought was possible.

When I walk away from this game and the University of Arkansas, I want people to see me as a person who had the biggest heart of anyone around him. I never cared about how big another guy was. I just had to prove to him that I was better than him every day. I want to be remembered as someone who had the biggest heart and was one of the bravest guys to ever come through here and play football.”

As Razorback supporters of the future will recall memorable times in Arkansas football history, one cornerback will likely remain in the minds of many. Broadway will stand as a defender who played with his heart on his sleeve, hoping to make an impact for his team and the entire Arkansas fan base.

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