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Inside the Ropes – Dec. 27, 2010

Inside the Ropes – Dec. 27, 2010

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Happy Holidays from Razorback women’s golf:

Iwould like to take this opportunity to wish the entire Razorback Nation a Happy Holiday season from my family and the women’s golf team. We are coming off of a very solid fall season and have enjoyed a few weeks of down time. The team ended the semester on a strong note in the classroom with a GPA of 3.2 for the entire team. We take great pride in the team’sclassroom achievements.All of the student-athletes and Mike have made it back home safely to be with their families for the holidays. Emily Tubert, Emma Lavy, Corinna Rees, and Rachel Carpenter will all be playing in a big amateur event or two over the break as well. Adam and I will be heading to Illinois to spend Christmas with his family. I will getthree days of recruiting in Arizona and we will then head to New Orleans to cheer on the Hogs at the Sugarbowl-Woo Pig Sooie!! Our team will start back on Jan. 18, 2011, and will work hard to accomplish our goals in the classroom and on the golf course. We will enter our first event in Parrish, Fla. as the 11th-ranked team in the nation. Our team will train hard to improve on that in 2011. Happy Holidays and Go Razorbacks! —Shauna Estes-Taylor

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