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Lisa Petry Shares the Arkansas Campus

Lisa Petry Shares the Arkansas Campus

In the next few weeks, we will be posting a series of stories that will be written by members of our team. Each of them will show you some of their favorite aspects of our campus and tell you a little about their decision to attend the University of Arkansas. Thethirdin our series has been provided by Lisa Petry.Lisa is a senior captain on the team and she specializes in 400 IM and backstroke.

Lisa writes:

I chose Arkansas because I really liked the size of the campus. I love the fact that you can get around the entire campus in 10 minutes. I also like how there are two separate athletic departments. It is so nice to have separate facilities and not have to share with the males. When I came on my recruiting trip I loved the team. The girls were so much fun and they made my trip very enjoyable. The girls on the team are great. Over the years it has been neat to see how much the team has changed. The freshmen this year have been so entertaining. It is great to have a group of girls that work so hard and have such good attitudes.

Lisa studies in the library

I study in the library because it is nice and quiet. I love how there are so many little hidden study areas.Most of the buildings on campus were designed with secluded study areas all over but the library is full of them. I also like all of the huge windows that let in sunlight. Although I don’t know the history of Senator Fulbright all that well, it is really nice to be part of that history here at Arkansas. Before he was a senator, he worked as a professor in the Old Main building. Two of his great passions in life were peace and education. He is best known now for his Fulbright fellowships awarded to the top students in the country.

The fountain behind Old Main symbolizes his love for peace and his untiring efforts to strive for it. It is a serene memorial that

Fulbright Peace Fountain

sits in the crossroads of most of our buildings. Everyday there is something happening around the fountain. Lately it has attracted political campaigning for obvious reasons.Fall here in Fayetteville is so beautiful.Designated as one the America’s “tree cities”, we take great pride in the beauty and nature that we are blessed with. I love how there is such a variety of color on the leaves of the trees during the fall.

View of campus trees

I love any razorback sport, especially football. It is so great to live in a town were the fans are so supportive. Razorback footballs games are so much fun. My favorite thing at the football games is when the team runs out of the hog head. No matter how many games I have been to I still get the chills when the team runs out. The great thing about going to an SEC school is that you are guaranteed great sporting events. The competition is great in every sport.Fayetteville is a great area. I love all of the parks and the outdoor activities. I especially like Wilson Park. There is so much to do there. You can take a walk, play volleyball, or just enjoy the area. I really like the castle because it is a very unique place. It is alike a little fantasy land in the middle of the park.


Fantasy castle at Wilson Park

There are so many things about the University, the campus and team that I really love. But one of the less obvious selling points about coming here is the surrounding areas. There are many campuses around the country that are surrounded bybad or boringareas. However, Fayetteville and NW Arkansas are such exciting areas that they really enhance the whole experience. This is one thing that may not be immediately obvious to prospective students but is a great selling point.

Razorback football team runs onto the field surrounded by the Arkansas Band

If there is a particular aspect of campus that you would like to see highlighted, please contact Benji DeMotte at benji@uark.eduand he will try to make arrangements for your request.

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