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Mahon and the Lady’Backs enjoy Vegas

Mahon and the Lady’Backs enjoy Vegas

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The Bright Lights of VegasLast week we visited the bright lights of “Sin City” and St. George, Utah for the BYU Dixie Classic. Our trip began late Friday night when we arrived in Vegas, a perfect time to see all the lights and crazy people. Vegas was an eye opening experience for a few of the girls on the team! We stayed in one of the many exceptional hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, The Monte Carlo. Kelley was our tour guide, showing us all the exciting places on the Strip including, the Bellagio, MGM, New York, New York, the Mirage, and Treasure Island.We couldn’t go to Vegas without seeing at least one show. Kelley, Shauna, Stacy, and I were able to get front row tickets to the David Copperfield show. David’s magical tricks were amazing. Some of our favorites were… making a car appear, having an audience member hold an empty basket and have a real duck appear inside, and going to Hawaii with one person from the audience in less than five minutes.My highlight was being able to walk hand in hand with David onto the stage to help him with one of his tricks. Another girl was also chosen to help with this trick. I was the lucky one to hold a really poisonous scorpion while the other girl picked a card from the deck. She showed the card to the audience, mixed the deck and gave them back to David. David then picked up the scorpion and the scorpion picked out the right card!! After the show we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Copperfield and get a few pictures with him! Later that night Kelley and Shauna went to a Rod Stewart concert, while we amused ourselves on the Strip. Some of the highlights include Amanda going on her first and last rollercoaster at the New York, New York, watching the water shows outside the Bellagio, and all the shopping on the strip. Although we didn’t get to shop as much as we would have liked!Sunday we drove through the Mountains to St. George, Utah for the tournament. The Course was beautiful and in perfect condition. The first day of the tournament the conditions were very tough and we struggled as a team. The second day, we came back and played a little better to finish second overall. We are now just looking forward to the post season beginning with SEC’s next week!Courtney Mahon

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