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Meet Lady’Back Denitza Koleva

Meet Lady’Back Denitza Koleva

Hi, this is Denitza!

We have been in spring training for about 3 months now! It is an interesting period of time since we don’t have hardly any matches. The team works out, lifts, and plays volleyball, but we can’t really tell how it is all coming together. Last weekend was our first spring tournament, and I think most of us were very anxious to see how we would do. I personally have not seen this team work as hard as the girls did this spring. Every single girl on the team has improved tremendously, so it was exciting to see how we can put all the pieces of the puzzle together finally. We had some very good games, and some that weren’t so great, but overall we are playing so much better! And if you think about it, it is only the beginning of April, which means we have about 5 more months to get even BETTER! It is awesome!

I am so excited to see what’s in store for our team!

Take care,


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