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Meet Lady’Back Iva Docekolova

Meet Lady’Back Iva Docekolova

Hello everybody, it has been almost three years since I came here. University of Arkansas is very special place for me. It is so much different from universities in my home country (Czech Republic). I absolutely love the way how sport here is a very important part of college life. The HPER building got new weight room last summer where people are exercising, hanging out, and having fun. HPER also offers playing volleyball, basketball, swimming, diving, outdoor activities and so much more. The other thing is that since I am student athlete I can visit all sport college events for free, which is wonderful. In the Czech Republic universities usually don’t have teams and it is so hard to find out and get to see sport clubs. Here it is just given to me. If I feel that this week I have mood to see basketball I go for it, next week swimming I take my friends and we are there, cheering for our students who are such good athletes.

College is also a place where you can meet very interesting people. My freshman year I lived in the dormitory, I ate in the campus cafeteria and I made many so many friends there. I got to know international students who came here to study for one year and they just amazed me. They were talking about their countries, about their culture and habits, they showed me their pictures and taught me some words in their languages. It is such a good experience for me to talk and to be connected with these people who are from all over the world. We communicate in English but we are still keeping our languages somewhere in our minds. I am so excited to be here, to study and play volleyball. This is very unique place for me, I have one year left and I want to enjoy it as long as I can.

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