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Meet the traveling five

Meet the traveling five

EMMA LAVY Emma Lavy continues to play well in her second season of collegiate golf. The Fayetteville, Ark., native has competed in every tournament in 2011-12 finishing a season-best tie for 11th at the Betsy Rawls Longhorn Invitational. Lavy posted a season low 222 with rounds of 72-73-77 at the Betsy Rawls. As a sophomore, Lavy has the second lowest average with a 75.17 mark, improving on last year’s numbers.
CAREER RESULTS 2011-12 (Sophomore Season)

DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Sept. 23-25Mason Rudolph Fall PreviewT4373-76-78=227+11
Oct. 7-9Lady Tar Heel InvitationalT5574-79-72=225+9
Oct. 21-23Mercedes-Benz SEC/Pac 12 ChallengeT3974-74-75=223+7
Oct. 31-Nov. 2Betsy Rawls Longhorn InvitationalT1172-73-77=222+6
Feb. 12-14Lady Puerto Rico ClassicT2175-71-80=226+10
March 2-4Darius Rucker IntercollegiateT3376-77=152+11
March 16-18Gator SunTrust Invitational4774-75-79=228+18
March 30-April 1Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic4577-74-74=225+9
April 20-22SEC ChampionshipT673-72-83=228+1
2010-11 (Redshirt Freshman Season)
DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Sept. 24-26Susie Maxwell Berning ClassicT1879-72-77=228+12
Oct. 8-10Mercedes Benz CollegiateT1973-76-71=220_+4
Oct. 25-27Las Vegas Collegiate ShowdownT3573-74-77=223+8
Nov. 5-7Pac 10-SEC ChallengeT6576-76-79=231+18
Feb. 21-22Central District InvitationalT6278-79-77=234+18
March 6-7SunTrust Gator InvitationalT4777-77-78=232+22
March 11-13LSU InvitationalT4374-82-76=232+16
March 25-26MountainView CollegiateT1275-73-70=218+2
April 1-3Liz Murphey CollegiateT3576-75-76=227+11
April 15-17SEC ChampionshipT1274-73-74=221+5
May 5-7NCAA Central Regional Champ.T5082-80-69=231+15
May 17-20NCAA ChampionshipT698-0-74-78-74=306+18


No.No.Avg.Vs.LowPar orBest

HALLY LEADBETTER It is often difficult for a true freshman to impact a successful program in her first year but that is exactly what Hally Leadbetter has done at Arkansas in 2011-12. The Florida native has competed in four events and qualified to play in the SEC Championship for Arkansas in 2011-12. Leadbetter played in two fall events and two in the spring posting her best collegiate round with a 72 at the SunTrust Invitational. She shot 223, also her career collegiate best at the same event. Leadbetter took part in the SEC Championship at Blessings helping the Razorbacks to a runner-up finish.
CAREER RESULTS 2011-12 Freshman Season

DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Oct. 21-23Mercedes-Benz SEC/Pac 12 ChallengeT10076-80-82=238+22
Oct. 31-Nov. 2Betsy Rawls Longhorn InvitationalT6581-75=82=238+22
March 16-18Gator SunTrust InvitationalT3573-79-72=223+14
March 30-April 1Liz Murphey Collegiate ClassicT5979-77-74=230+14
May 20-22SEC ChampionshipT5380-87-83=250+34


NoNoAvg.Vs.LowPar orBest

EMILY PODZIELINSKI Emily Podzielinski qualified for and has played in every event during the 2011-12 season for the Razorbacks after sitting out last season due to NCAA transfer rules. Since getting into the lineup, “Pods” has posted an Arkansas career-best tie for 25th finish at the Lady Puerto Rico Classic shooting a 227 for the second time as a Razorback. Podzielinski shot 227 with rounds of 80-77-70 at the Lady Tar Heel Invitational and matched that with rounds of 75-78-72 at the Lady Puerto Rico Classic.

DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Sept. 23-25Mason Rudolph Fall PreviewT7878-80-79=237+21
Oct. 7-9Lady Tar Heel InvitationalT7380-77-70=227+11
Oct. 21-23Mercedes-Benz SEC/Pac 12 ChallengeT11683-80-85=248+32
Oct. 31-Nov. 2Betsy Rawls Longhorn InvitationalT5279-78-76=233+17
Feb. 12-14Lady Puerto Rico ClassicT2575-78-74=227+11
March 2-4Darius Rucker IntercollegiateT6280-79=159+17
March 16-18Gator SunTrust InvitationalT6078-83-71=232+22
March 30-April 1Liz Murphey Collegiate ClassicT5681-75-73=229+13
April 20-22SEC ChampionshipT1781-77-74=232+16
2010-11 (Freshman Season at Eastern Michigan)
DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Sept. 12-13Mary Fossum InvitationalT6784-80-79=243+27
Sept. 19-20Cardinal Classic172-69=141-3
Oct. 3-4Nittany Lion InvitationalT973-77-78=228+12
Oct. 12-13Duramed MAC PreviewT777-79-75=231+15
Oct. 26-27Ross Resorts at Mid PinesT1776-82-76=234+18
Feb. 27-28Red Rocks InvitationalT2779-83=162+18
March 5-7Rio Verde Invitational1175-74-76=225+12
March 15-17Northern Migration InvitationalT2981-76-74=231+15
March 29-30UALR Women’s Golf ClassicT1973-77-75=225+9
April 10-11Indiana InvitationalT1575-75-73=223+7
April 23-25Mid-American Conference Champ.T674-72-80=226+10


No.No.Avg.Vs.LowPar orBest
*at Eastern Michigan

EMILY TUBERT Emily Tubert continues to refine her game and get better each time she picks up her clubs. As a sophomore, Tubert opened with ties for 16th and 15th place, respectively, then shot closer to the top of the leaderboard tying for seventh at the Mercedes-Benz SEC/Pac 12 Challenge. Tubert shot back to back 217s (Lady Tar Heel and the Mercedes) and played three of the four fall events at six over for nine rounds. Tubert missed the final fall event representing Team USA and helping them to a gold medal at The Spirit International in Trinity, Texas. She returned to the Razorback lineup shooting her way to a second-place finish with a one-under 215 at the Lady Puerto Rico Classic kicking off the spring. Tubert picked up a tie for fourth and a tie for third at the SunTrust Invitational and the Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic, respectively. She posted a season-best 210 (72-70-68) at the SunTrust and shot a five-under 211 (72-70-69) at Liz. Tubert earned her second SEC First-Team honor last week. Tubert was also selected as a member of the USA’s Curtis Cup Team, becoming the third Razorback women’s golfer to earn a spot on the team.
CAREER RESULTS 2010-11 (Redshirt Freshman Season)

DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Sept. 23-25Mason Rudolph Fall PreviewT1674-74-72=220+4
Oct. 7-9Lady Tar Heel InvitationalT1572-75-70=217+1
Oct. 21-23Mercedes-Benz SEC/Pac 12 ChallengeT775-69-73=217+1
Oct. 31-Nov. 2Betsy Rawls Longhorn InvitationalDNPThe Spirit International
Feb. 12-14Lady Puerto Rico Classic271-70-74=215-1
March 2-4Darius Rucker IntercollegiateT2073-77=150+8
March 16-18Gator SunTrust InvitationalT472-70-68=210E
March 30-April 1Liz Murphey Collegiate ClassicT372-70-69=211-5
April 20-22SEC Championship378-70-73=221+5
2010-11 (Freshman Season)
DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Sept. 24-26Susie Maxwell Berning Classic169-72-70=211-5
Oct. 8-10Mercedes Benz Collegiate274-73-72=219+3
Oct. 25-27Las Vegas Collegiate Showdown163*-68-74=205*-11
Nov. 5-7Pac 10-SEC ChallengeT3871-76-78=225+12
Feb. 21-22Central District InvitationalT3073-77-76=226+10
March 6-7SunTrust Gator InvitationalT376-71-69=216+6
March 11-13LSU Invitational378-70-71=219+3
March 25-26Mountain View Collegiate168-72-67=207-9
April 1-3Liz Murphey Collegiate272-73-69=214-2
April 15-17SEC ChampionshipT469-72-74=215-1
May 5-7NCAA Central Regional Champ.T375-69-75=219+3
May 17-20NCAA ChampionshipT1976-73-71-74=294+6
*School Record


NoNoAvg.Vs.LowPar orBest

VICTORIA VELA Victoria Vela has been a steady player for the Razorbacks throughout her career – a trend that has been heavily relied upon this season. Vela has qualified and traveled for all eight of Arkansas’ events this year. She finished a season-best tie for 13th at the Betsy Rawls Longhorn Classic shooting a season-best 223 with rounds of 71-76-76. Vela matched that with a 233 with rounds of 77-72-74 at the Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic in the final event before the SEC Championship. CAREER RESULTS 2010-11 (Junior Season)

DateEventPlaceScore-To Par
Sept. 23-25Mason Rudolph Fall PreviewT6279-77-75=231+15
Oct. 7-9Lady Tar Heel InvitationalT6477-73-76=226+10
Oct. 21-23Mercedes-Benz SEC/Pac 12 ChallengeT8978-82-74=234+18
Oct. 31-Nov. 2Betsy Rawls Longhorn InvitationalT1371-76-76=223+7
Feb. 12-14Lady Puerto Rico ClassicT3376-80-74=230+14
March 2-4Darius Rucker IntercollegiateT6276-83=159+17
March 16-18Gator SunTrust InvitationalT5578-75-78=231+21
March 30-April 1Liz Murphey Collegiate ClassicT3377-72-74=223+7
April 20-22SEC ChampionshipT3478-76-85=239+23
2010-11 (Sophomore Season)
DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Sept. 24-26Susie Maxwell Berning ClassicT1276-75-74=225+9
Oct. 8-10Mercedes Benz Collegiatet3879-75-71=225+9
Oct. 25-27Las Vegas Collegiate ShowdownT3271-75-77=223+7
Nov. 5-7Pac 10-SEC ChallengeT2775-72-76=223+10
Feb. 21-22Central District InvitationalT5076-81-73=230+14
March 6-7SunTrust Gator InvitationalT4776-75-81=232+12
March 11-13LSU InvitationalT776-73-73=222+6
March 25-26Mountain View CollegiateT3975-73-76=224+8
April 1-3Liz Murphey CollegiateT6380-81-71=232+16
April 15-17SEC ChampionshipT3673-78-80=231+15
May 5-7NCAA Central Regional Champ.T5672-77-73=232+16
May 17-20NCAA ChampionshipT8877-79-77-77=310+22
2009-10 (Freshman Season)
DateEventPlaceScoreTo Par
Oct. 16-18Mercedes Benz CollegiateT8079-78-81=238+22
Feb. 22-23Central District InvitationalT4479-72-79=230+14
March 1-2Kinderlou Forest ChallengeT3277-76-76=229+10
March 12-14Tiger/Wave ClassicT2477-81-69=237+11
March 26-28Liz Murphey Collegiate ClassicT2079-78-72=229+13
April 2-4Bryan National CollegiateT5478-77-74=229+13
April 16-18SEC ChampionshipT2470-73-76=219+6
May 6-8NCAA Regional ChampionshipT3877-77-73=227+14


No.No.Avg.Vs.LowPar orBest

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