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Neumann Whitbeck finish top-8

Neumann Whitbeck finish top-8

FAYETTEVILLE— Arkansas swimmers Erin Neumann and Katie Whitbeck both finished top-8 in the 200-meter butterfly on the final day at the Austin Grand Prix held at the Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center on the University of Texas’ campus.

Neumann placed sixth with a time of 2:20.41 followed by Whitbeck in seventh at 2:21.43 in the “A” final of the 200m butterfly.

Sarah Howard earned a 12th-place finish in the “B” final of the 200m breaststroke with a time of 2:42.02.

Freshman Dannica Brennan touched in at 2:17.08 to place 17th in the 200m backstroke final.

Howard, Jillienne Schilling and Maddie Fogel all finished in the top 20 in the 1000-yard freestyle, including fifth for Howard.

Preliminary heats were held in the 25-yard pool (short course) while finals competition was held in the 50-meter pool (long course).

The Arkansas swimming team will be return to training this week in preparation for the NCAA Championships, March 18-20, in West Lafayette, Ind., while the diving team prepares for NCAA Zone Diving Championships Friday through Sunday.


200-yard backstroke

17. Dannica Brennan 2:01.48

29. Jillienne Schilling 2:02.99

59. Kelsea Vance 2:06.97

148. Alicia Meinz 2:13.94

185. Gina Bargiachi 2:16.77

100-yard freestyle

39. Katie Whitbeck 51.70

91. Lisa Lunkenheimer 53.25

237. Alicia Meinz 55.48

257. Kelsea Vance 55.70

334. Courtney O’Grady 56.88

346. Gina Bargiachi

Dannica Brennan 52.61x

200-yard breaststroke

11. Erin Neumann 2:18.31

16. Sara Howard 2:19.49

56. Courtney O’Grady 2:27.54

200-yard Butterfly

8. Katie Whitbeck 2:01.65

10. Erin Neumann 2:02.36

24. Lisa Lunkenheimer 2:04.62

129. Kelsea Vance 2:15.83

1000-yard freestyle

5. Sarah Howard 10:07.57

9. Jillienne Schilling 10:12.50

12. Maddie Fogel 10:16.18


200-meter breastroke

12. Sarah Howard 2:42.02

200-meter butterfly

6. Erin Neumann 2:20.41

7. Katie Whitbeck 2:21.43

200-meter backstroke

17. Dannica Brennan 2:17.08

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