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No. 12 Arkansas 196.175 No. 23 Arizona State 195.125

No. 12 Arkansas 196.175  No. 23 Arizona State 195.125

Women’s Gymnastics Meet Results

Host:Arizona State
Meet:ASU vs ArkansasMarch 16, 2007
Location:Wells Fargo Arena, Tempe AZHome Meet

Contents:Event ResultsTeam Results
VaultTeam Standing
Uneven Parallel BarsArizona State
Balance BeamArkansas
Floor ExerciseJudge List

Team StandingTop

2Arizona State195.125

Arizona StateHome
Head Coach: John SpiniTop

April Boone9.9009.9009.9009.90039.600
Carrie Finley9.500
Nicole Harris9.8259.8759.7509.80039.250
Ashlee Hinkle9.7259.8006.000
Tiana Jean9.8259.8509.800
Cassandra Jusino9.8509.8509.7759.72539.200
Lisa Lanza9.025
Vanessa Rocca9.400
Ashley Toner9.7259.0758.850
Team Totals48.80049.17549.07548.075195.125

Head Coach: Mark Cook, Rene CookTop

Rachel Barnett9.8759.875
Samantha Cortez9.8259.0259.875
Amy DeFilippo9.8009.825
Cassie Drew9.7259.7759.850
Alexandra LaChance9.8009.750
Casey Jo Magee9.3509.8759.9509.72538.900
Ashley McPherson9.300
Sarah Nagashima9.850
Emily Peacock9.8509.9009.850
Michelle Stout9.8509.7759.725
Team Totals48.55049.15049.40049.075196.175

Vault ResultsTop

1April BooneArizona State9.900
2Cassandra JusinoArizona State9.850
2Michelle StoutArkansas9.850
4Nicole HarrisArizona State9.825
4Samantha CortezArkansas9.825
6Alexandra LaChanceArkansas9.800
7Ashlee HinkleArizona State9.725
7Cassie DrewArkansas9.725
9Carrie FinleyArizona State9.500
10Vanessa RoccaArizona State9.400
11Casey Jo MageeArkansas9.350
12Ashley McPhersonArkansas9.300

Uneven Parallel Bars ResultsTop

1April BooneArizona State9.900
2Nicole HarrisArizona State9.875
2Casey Jo MageeArkansas9.875
4Cassandra JusinoArizona State9.850
4Emily PeacockArkansas9.850
4Sarah NagashimaArkansas9.850
7Tiana JeanArizona State9.825
8Amy DeFilippoArkansas9.800
9Cassie DrewArkansas9.775
9Michelle StoutArkansas9.775
11Ashley TonerArizona State9.725
12Lisa LanzaArizona State9.025

Balance Beam ResultsTop

1Casey Jo MageeArkansas9.950
2April BooneArizona State9.900
2Emily PeacockArkansas9.900
4Rachel BarnettArkansas9.875
5Tiana JeanArizona State9.850
5Cassie DrewArkansas9.850
7Amy DeFilippoArkansas9.825
8Ashlee HinkleArizona State9.800
9Cassandra JusinoArizona State9.775
10Nicole HarrisArizona State9.750
11Ashley TonerArizona State9.075
12Samantha CortezArkansas9.025

Floor Exercise ResultsTop

1April BooneArizona State9.900
2Samantha CortezArkansas9.875
2Rachel BarnettArkansas9.875
4Emily PeacockArkansas9.850
5Tiana JeanArizona State9.800
5Nicole HarrisArizona State9.800
7Alexandra LaChanceArkansas9.750
8Cassandra JusinoArizona State9.725
8Casey Jo MageeArkansas9.725
8Michelle StoutArkansas9.725
11Ashley TonerArizona State8.850
12Ashlee HinkleArizona State6.000

All Around ResultsTop

1April BooneArizona State39.600
2Nicole HarrisArizona State39.250
3Cassandra JusinoArizona State39.200
4Casey Jo MageeArkansas38.900

Meet JudgesTop

Judge 1Pamela EvansBrevet
Judge 2Lee BjellaNational

Uneven Parallel Bars
Judge 1Jan EymanNational
Judge 2Jackie MabyLevel 10

Balance Beam
Judge 1Pamela EvansBrevet
Judge 2Jan EymanNational

Floor Exercise
Judge 1Lee BjellaNational
Judge 2Jackie MabyLevel 10

PLEASE NOTE:All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.
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