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No. 15 Arkansas 194.850 No. 14 Penn State 193.600

No. 15 Arkansas 194.850 No. 14 Penn State 193.600

Women’s Gymnastics Meet Results

Host:Penn State
Meet:vs. ArkansasJanuary 13, 2007
Location:University Park, Pa. (Rec Hall)Home Meet

Contents:Event ResultsTeam Results
VaultTeam Standing
Uneven Parallel BarsPenn State
Balance BeamArkansas
Floor ExerciseJudge List

Team Standing (Top)

2Penn State193.600

Penn State (Home Page) (Top)
Head Coach: Steve Shephard

Alexandra Brockway9.6759.7759.475
Ashley Mehrer8.9509.825
Lindsey Montross9.350
Amie Olaes9.4009.750
Katie Perret9.7509.8759.250
Brandi Personett9.7009.7259.7759.85039.050
Corissa Pirkl9.5759.8009.6509.87538.900
Casey Rohrbaugh9.7508.400
Rosie Smith9.750
Allie Southard9.025
Stephanie Sullivan9.750
Team Totals48.45048.92548.17548.050193.600

Arkansas (Top)
Head Coach: Mark & Rene Cook

Rachel Barnett9.225
Samantha Cortez9.8009.7509.825
Allison Daniels8.925
Amy DeFilippo9.775
Cassie Drew9.6509.8009.6509.57538.675
Breanne Guy8.950
Alexandra LaChance9.7509.650
Casey Jo Magee9.6759.8259.775
Sarah Nagashima9.825
Emily Peacock9.8259.6759.875
Michelle Stout9.8009.0509.6009.75038.200
Team Totals48.67549.05048.45048.675194.850

Vault Results (Top)

1Samantha CortezArkansas9.800
1Michelle StoutArkansas9.800
3Katie PerretPenn State9.750
3Rosie SmithPenn State9.750
3Alexandra LaChanceArkansas9.750
6Brandi PersonettPenn State9.700
7Alexandra BrockwayPenn State9.675
7Casey Jo MageeArkansas9.675
9Cassie DrewArkansas9.650
10Corissa PirklPenn State9.575
11Amie OlaesPenn State9.400
12Breanne GuyArkansas8.950

Uneven Parallel Bars Results (Top)

1Katie PerretPenn State9.875
2Sarah NagashimaArkansas9.825
2Casey Jo MageeArkansas9.825
2Emily PeacockArkansas9.825
5Corissa PirklPenn State9.800
5Cassie DrewArkansas9.800
7Alexandra BrockwayPenn State9.775
7Amy DeFilippoArkansas9.775
9Amie OlaesPenn State9.750
10Brandi PersonettPenn State9.725
11Lindsey MontrossPenn State9.350
12Michelle StoutArkansas9.050

Balance Beam Results (Top)

1Brandi PersonettPenn State9.775
1Casey Jo MageeArkansas9.775
3Casey RohrbaughPenn State9.750
3Stephanie SullivanPenn State9.750
3Samantha CortezArkansas9.750
6Emily PeacockArkansas9.675
7Corissa PirklPenn State9.650
7Cassie DrewArkansas9.650
9Michelle StoutArkansas9.600
10Katie PerretPenn State9.250
11Ashley MehrerPenn State8.950
12Allison DanielsArkansas8.925

Floor Exercise Results (Top)

1Corissa PirklPenn State9.875
1Emily PeacockArkansas9.875
3Brandi PersonettPenn State9.850
4Ashley MehrerPenn State9.825
4Samantha CortezArkansas9.825
6Michelle StoutArkansas9.750
7Alexandra LaChanceArkansas9.650
8Cassie DrewArkansas9.575
9Alexandra BrockwayPenn State9.475
10Rachel BarnettArkansas9.225
11Allie SouthardPenn State9.025
12Casey RohrbaughPenn State8.400

All Around Results (Top)

1Brandi PersonettPenn State39.050
2Corissa PirklPenn State38.900
3Cassie DrewArkansas38.675
4Michelle StoutArkansas38.200

Meet Judges (Top)

Judge 1Margie MyersBrevet
Judge 2Joyce WallaceNational
Uneven Parallel Bars
Judge 1Diane ThompsonBrevet
Judge 2Barbara CutilloNational
Balance Beam
Judge 1Diane ThompsonBrevet
Judge 2Joyce WallaceNational
Floor Exercise
Judge 1Margie MyersBrevet
Judge 2Barbara CutilloNational

PLEASE NOTE: all scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet.For questions regarding the meet results, please contact the host institution.

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