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No. 18 Denver rallies for win

No. 18 Denver rallies for win

DENVER, Colo. – Denver scored a 49.45 on floor in the final rotation as the No. 18 Pioneers rallied for a 195.725-195.70 victory over No. 12 Arkansas on Friday.

The loss snapped a three-meet winning streak for the Razorbacks, who were attempting to win for the eighth time in nine meets. The loss dropped Arkansas’ record to 7-4.

Arkansas scored a 49.15 in the final rotation, but Denver had a 9.925, a 9.90 and three 9.875s on floor to get the win.

"We were solid on beam, but we got edged out a little," co-head coach Mark Cook said.

With two falls in the first rotation on bars, Arkansas was down early but the Razorbacks rallied and led 146.55-146.275 heading into the final event.

For ranking purposes, Arkansas’ score will replace its lowest road score of the season, the 194.975 in the win at No. 27 Kentucky on Jan. 21.

"We have to learn from these experiences," Cook said. "We did come back, and that’s a positive. We did get something out of it by improving our low road score, but we could have done a lot more."

Junior All-American Jaime Pisani won the all-around with a 39.425, and freshman Katherine Grable tied for the vault title with a 9.90 and won beam with a 9.90.

Arkansas got off to a rough start with two falls on bars in the first rotation and the Razorbacks were forced to count one.

"We struggled a lot on bars," Cook said. "It was interesting because training had been so good and even in warm-ups we were fine. For whatever reason, we tightened up and we counted some errors. Mariah (Howdeshell) fell and Michelle (Stout) fell. We can’t do that. We dug ourselves a hole. We can’t be giving away a whole point on one event."

Arkansas scored a 47.975. Pisani led with a 9.80, followed by Genny Salvatore with a 9.725, Jordan Salsberg a 9.70, Grable a 9.675, Stout a 9.075 and Howdeshell an 8.95.

Denver scored a 49.20 on vault and was led by Brianna Springer with a 9.90.

Arkansas improved in the second rotation, scoring 49.275 on vault while Denver had a 48.625 on bars, but the Pioneers still led, 97.825-97.25.

For the Razorbacks, Grable had a 9.90, followed by Pisani with a 9.875, Stout a 9.85, Salsberg a 9.825, Amy Borsellino a 9.80 and Kelci Lewis a 9.20.

For UD, Annamari Maarenen had a 9.85.

In the third rotation, Denver had two falls on beam and had to count one for a 48.45. Arkansas scored a 49.30 on floor and took the lead, 146.55-146.275.

For the Razorbacks, Pisani had a 9.90, Grable and Borsellino a 9.875 each, Lewis a 9.85, Salsberg a 9.80 and Bailee Zumwalde a 9.60.

Denver was led by Jorie Hall with a 9.875.

"We came back and performed really well on vault and we were very good on floor," Cook said.

In the final rotation, Arkansas scored its 49.15 on beam, but Denver had the 49.45 on floor to get the win.

Arkansas was led by Grable with a 9.90, Pisani and Salsberg with a 9.85, Shelby Salmon a 9.825, Scarlett Williams a 9.725 and Stacy Bartlett a 9.65.

Denver was led by Springer’s 9.925.

"Jaime continues to lead the team," Cook said. "Jordan and Katherine also did a great job. We also had Amy on two events, which is something we’ve been looking for. She did a good job. Overall, we will continue to focus and get better."

The Razorbacks compete at the SEC Championship in Birmingham this week. The meet is Saturday in the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center.

Meet Results

No. 18 Denver 195.725, No. 12 Arkansas 195.70Att.: 1693March 19; Denver, Colo.


ArkansasBars: 47.975Jordan Salsberg 9.70, Katherine Grable 9.675, Genny Salvatore 9.725, Mariah Howdeshell 8.95, Jaime Pisani 9.80, Michelle Stout 9.075

DenverVault: 49.20Taylor Sanford 9.80, Kaitlin Moorhead 9.80, Jorie Hall 9.825, Melodie Pulgarin Linero 9.875, Moriah Martin 9.875, Brianna Springer 9.90


ArkansasVault: 49.275Kelci Lewis 9.20, Jordan Salsberg 9.825, Amy Borsellino 9.80, Katherine Grable 9.90, Jaime Pisani 9.875, Michelle Stout 9.85

DenverBars: 48.625Moriah Martin 9.65, Melodie Pulgarin Linero 9.60, Simona Castro 9.425, Brianna Springer 9.775, Amanda Johanson 9.75, Annamari Maarenen 9.85


ArkansasFloor: 49.30Bailee Zumwalde 9.60, Jordan Salsberg 9.80, Amy Borsellino 9.875, Kelci Lewis 9.85, Katherine Grable 9.875, Jaime Pisani 9.90

DenverBeam: 48.40Taylor Sanford 9.825, Simona Castro 9.75, Kristina Coccia 9.075, Jorie Hall 9.825, Melodie Pulgarin Linero 9.775, Brianna Springer 9.225


ArkansasBeam: 49.15Scarlett Williams 9.725, Jaime Pisani 9.85, Jordan Salsberg 9.85, Shelby Salmon 9.825, Katherine Grable 9.90, Stacy Bartlett 9.65

DenverFloor: 49.45Jorie Hall 9.70, Melodie Pulgarin Linero 9.875, Kaitlin Moorhead 9.90, Brianna Springer 9.925, Amanda Johanson 9.875, Kristina Coccia 9.875

Download: 3-12-11 Score Sheet.pdf

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