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No. 8 Arkansas wins tri-meet

No. 8 Arkansas wins tri-meet

SEATTLE, Wash. – No. 8 Arkansas posted a season-high road score and Seattle native Sarah Nagashima, competing in her hometown, won the all-around title as the Razorback gymnastics team won a tri-meet at Washington on Friday.

Arkansas won with a total of 196.075, followed by Washington with 194.10 and Seattle Pacific with 188.275.

Arkansas (5-3-1) opened on bars, then went to beam, floor and vault. The Razorbacks posted a season-best road floor score of 49.175.

"We fought hard tonight," co-head coach Mark Cook said. "We had our best score on the road this year and we even had the opportunity to probably score a little higher. I’m very pleased with the girls – their spirit and attitude. They did a good job."

Magee won the beam title (9.925) and Pisani the vault title (9.875), and they tied for the floor title (9.90). Nagashima won the first all-around title of her career with a 39.175. She had a 9.75 on vault, a 9.775 on bars, 9.85 on beam and 9.80 on floor.

"That’s great for her," Cook said. "It’s awesome to come home and do that. She has a lot of fire."

Arkansas opened on bars and got a 9.825 from senior Amy DeFilippo, a 9.825 from Pisani, a 9.80 from Mariah Howdeshell, a 9.775 from Sarah Nagashima and a 9.65 from Kelci Lewis. DeFilippo matched her season high.

After the first rotation, Arkansas had a 48.875 on bars, Washington a 48.675 on vault and Seattle Pacific a 46.55 on beam.

Haley Bogart led Washington with a 9.825 on vault while Anissa Madrid led SPU with a 9.75 on beam.

In the second rotation on beam, Magee had a season-high tying 9.925, followed by Nagashima with a 9.85, Howdeshell with a 9.80, Stacy Bartlett a 9.775 and Lewis a 9.65.

The Razorbacks had a 49.00 on beam, Washington a 48.55 on beam and Seattle Pacific a 47.80 on floor.

Samantha Walior had a 9.90 on bars for Washington while Sherah Veron had a 9.70 on floor for SPU.

Through two rotations, Arkansas had a 97.875, Washington a 97.225 and SPU a 94.35.

On floor, Magee and Pisani each had a 9.90, Lewis had a season-high matching 9.85, Nagashima a 9.80 and Bartlett a 9.725. Magee’s 9.90 is a season high.

For the rotation, Arkansas posted a 49.175 on floor, Washington a 48.05 on beam and Seattle Pacific a 47.80 on vault.

Through three events, the Razorbacks had a 147.05, Washington a 145.275 and Seattle Pacific a 142.20.

On vault, Pisani had a 9.875, Magee a 9.85, Lewis a 9.80, and Nagashima and Howdeshell a 9.75 each. The Razorbacks had a 49.025 for team total for the event.

Nagashima, from Seattle, Bartlett, from Tualatin, Ore., and Magee, from Eugene, Ore., performed in front of several friends and family members, which limited Washington’s home advantage.

"It was nice seeing that we had a lot of fans in the stands," Cook said. "They were as loud as the Washington fans."

Arkansas stays on the road next week, traveling to Minnesota for a 7 p.m. meet on Saturday before returning home for two straight.

No. 8 Arkansas 196.075Washington 194.10Seattle Pacific 188.275Feb. 26, 2010 = University of Washington = Seattle, Wash.


Arkansas: Bars: 48.875Sarah Nagashima 9.775, Jaime Pisani 9.825, Mariah Howdeshell 9.80, Amy DeFilippo 9.825, Casey Jo Magee 9.40, Kelci Lewis 9.65

Washington: Vault: 48.675Karen Cain 9.60, Ruby Engreitz 9.625, Amanda Cline 9.65, Hatsune Akaogi 9.80, Lauren Rogers 9.775, Haley Bogart 9.825

Seattle Pacific: Beam: 46.55Aditi Kulkarni 9.575, Ami Khauv 8.875, Brittany Malone 8.90, Samantha Taylor 8.975, Stephanie Wagner 9.35, Anissa Madrid 9.75


Arkansas: Beam: 49.00Jaime Pisani 9.15, Stacy Bartlett 9.775, Kelci Lewis 9.65, Sarah Nagashima 9.85, Mariah Howdeshell 9.80, Casey Jo Magee 9.925

Washington: Bars: 48.55Phoebe Tham 9.75, Amanda Cline 9.775, Ruby Engreitz 9.25, Hatsune Akaogi 7.85, Kristen Linton 9.875, Samantha Walior 9.90

Seattle Pacific: Floor: 47.85Texie Gregory 9.50, Stephanie Wagner 9.55, Samantha Taylor 9.60, Brittany Malone 9.45, Anissa Madrid 8.975, Sherah Veron 9.70


Arkansas: Floor: 49.175Sarah Nagashima 9.80, Stacy Bartlett 9.725, Kelci Lewis 9.85, Amanda Siebert 9.525, Casey Jo Magee 9.90, Jaime Pisani 9.90

Washington: Beam: 48.05Paige Bixler 9.175, Hatsune Akaogi 9.775, Anna Epps 9.65, Kristen Linton 9.075, Haley Bogart 9.70, Samantha Walior 9.75

Seattle Pacific: Vault: 47.80Brittany Malone 9.50, Stephanie Cabrera 9.575, Samantha Taylor 9.50, Anissa Madrid 9.575, Sherah Veron 9.65, Ami Khauv 9.275


Arkansas: Vault: 49.025Mariah Howdeshell 9.75, Kelci Lewis 9.80, Amanda Siebert 9.675, Jaime Pisani 9.875, Casey Jo Magee 9.85, Sarah Nagashima 9.75

Washington: Floor: 48.825Karen Cain 9.725, Amanda Cline 9.75, Phoebe Tham 9.75, Hatsune Akaogi 9.775, Haley Bogart 9.825, Kristen Linton 9.725

Seattle Pacific: Bars: 46.075Jennifer Lehman 9.35, Betsy Snook 8.95, Stephanie Cabrera 9.05, Anissa Madrid 9.225, Samantha Taylor 8.10, Kaysha Heck 9.50

Download: ark, washington meet results.pdf

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