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Nolan Richardson Press Conference – LSU

Nolan Richardson Press Conference – LSU
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas plays Sunday at LSU in a 12:30 p.m. game televised by Jefferson-Pilot Sports. Arkansas (10-4, 2-0) is coming off Tuesday’s 75-64 home win over No. 22 Mississippi State. LSU (10-4, 0-1) has not played since Saturday’s 76-74 loss at Alabama.

“LSU scares me. They are bigger than I thought they were. Torris Bright is 6-4 and everybody else is 6-7 or 6-8. They are very athletic and they have a lot of experience, and they’ve had a week to prepare for us. They are ready and just waiting for us to come in. We have to be ready. We haven’t set the world on fire. The most important thing is to be in the game going down the stretch. If we’re close and we make a play and they don’t, we’ll win. I don’t believe that because they’ve lost some games by one, two or three points that they can’t beat us. I don’t believe history, that’s just me. I think every game has its own merits. What happened yesterday does not apply today.”

Brandon Dean and Teddy Gipson, from Monroe, La., and Farmerville, La., respectively, playing their final game at LSU:

“They know this is their last game down there. They’ll have 30 people from their families there. They have to be careful not to overdo anything. They know they will never play there again and that a lot of their family members will never see them in an Arkansas uniform again. I’m going to tell them to do nothing different from what we’ve been doing. They need to let the game come to them. If they don’t, somebody else will have to step up.”

Play of freshman J.J. Sullinger:

“He’s a winner. He couldn’t care less if he scores one point or 30 points, as long as there’s a W-I-N at the end of the game. He’s a very unique young man. He’s happy-go-lucky. He’s the biggest cheerleader you can have, whether he’s on the floor or on the bench. Most guys are happy but they don’t say much. He shows it. He’s had a good half of a freshman year so far.”

LSU’s Ronald Dupree:

“He can jump out of the gym. There’s no question he’s one of the best players in this year. He was last year.”

Play of Alonzo Lane (seven points, five rebounds vs. MSU):

“He expects himself to do well. Now that he sees what he can do, I think it will make him better. He’s more vocal now. Winning changes attitudes. Once you learn your role and you play your role, that’s when you have a team. He is figuring out his role on this team. Players have to figure it out on their own.”

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