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Nolan Richardson Press Conference – Ole Miss

Nolan Richardson Press Conference – Ole Miss

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas plays host to Ole Miss Saturday at 5 p.m. in a game televised by SEC-TV, which is carried by Fox Sports Southwest in Arkansas.

“Their defense is by far the most aggressive we’ll play. That’s the thing that worries me about our kids. Our picks and screens have to be good ones. We have to have at least four guys on the floor that can score, and hopefully five. When all of your scorers are guards, it’s too bad you can’t play them all at once. Ole Miss presents a huge problem. They run through picks, not around them. They want to tell you ‘don’t set a pick because you’ll get hit.’ They use their hands very well, pick up the ball and deny passes.”

Ole Miss’ recent success against Arkansas:

“They’ve won eight of the last 10, that’s being dominant. What is disturbing to me is that we’ve had chances to win games, even at their place. It’s all about who’s playing for you and having success against those teams. That’s why recruiting is so important. It’s all about the athletes you have in your program at the time. We also have to deal with the fact they have kids from Arkansas. I see Ole Miss being like Arkansas playing Memphis when we had kids from Memphis on our team.”

South Carolina recap:

“It looked like the LSU game. We’re not getting any scoring from the forward spots. It’s obvious in all our games. Our defense is not bad; we gave up 62 points and still lost. The problem is when you look at our team from the same standpoint when we won. We went from three guys who were scoring with J.J. (Sullinger) getting 13, 14 or 15 points a game; (Jannero) Pargo, who can go into a shell; and then (Brandon) Dean and we only have one guy scoring. Offense is what is hurting us. It doesn’t have so much to do with free throws or rebounding. We made free throws and we’ve outrebounded people and lost. It’s about getting the ball in the hole. We’ve been this type of team the last few years because it’s mostly the same guys. We have to get more offensive players on the floor.”

Lack of scoring from forwards:

“They don’t have the confidence to score. We don’t have a forward mentality of scoring. (Michael) Jones could help. He has a scoring mentality and he can get fouled and make free throws. J.J. has a scoring mentality and that’s how he helped us, whether he was starting or coming off the bench. You see your shortcomings and you try to fix them, and we have to hurry up and fix them. They will stay fixed for a few games and then something else will happen.

“If Dean has an off night, Pargo feels like he has to carry the team. If Pargo has an off night, Dean feels like he has to carry the team. We have two guys taking all the shots. Why? Because those are the only players we have confidence in. We have to have some balance. We can play good defense, but if you can’t score, you can’t get your defense set. There’s no gray area with our guys. If we tell them to attack the basket, they attack the basket and turn down wide open shots. They’re trying to do everything I’m asking them to do.”

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