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Nolan Richardson Press Conference – South Caro

Nolan Richardson Press Conference – South Caro
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas (10-5, 2-1) plays host to South Carolina (10-5, 0-2) Wednesday at 7 p.m. UA is coming off Sunday’s 75-69 loss at LSU while USC lost at home to Kentucky on Saturday, 51-50.

“I think South Carolina is one of the better teams in our league. They play a little bit slower than us but they have very, very good athletes and they have good size. (Jamel) Bradley looks like a warrior. Their top five are as good as what anybody has. They’ve lost to Florida and they’ve lost to Kentucky, and we just lost to LSU. In this league, you have to be ready or you’re not going to win. There’s still a lot of basketball left. They have a good team and after playing Kentucky the way they did, I’m sure they feel good about themselves.”

USC Coach Dave Odom:

“He brings a lot of experience and big-time basketball to our league. His teams are tough to beat. They’re always prepared. His style is a little more up-tempo (than USC last year). He does a good job of keeping opponents off-balance.”

LSU recap:

“All we can do is go back to practice and get ready for the next game. Whether or not they will do that, I don’t know. We can’t afford to let teams have 38 free throws and we get 10. They got 45 percent of their points at the line. You can’t let that happen. I understand we are the aggressors, but we get banged around and don’t get the calls. The key to keeping officials out of the game is to make shots. We missed six threes during their run. We have to attack the basket. Sometimes when (Brandon) Dean and Teddy (Gipson) attack the basket, they don’t get calls.

“In the second half, our aggressiveness was horrible. There was no pressure. We have to make shots and hope we don’t get called for so many reach-in fouls. On the tape, Dean’s fourth and fifth fouls were clean strips. They were perfect. What do you tell a guy when you see that on the tape? It’s a known fact, anytime you don’t shoot well, officials will get into the game, especially the way we play.

“We had a horrible day and still had a chance to win. Brandon and Teddy had good games. After that, we didn’t have anybody that did anything.”

Bouncing back from the LSU game:

“I have no control over how we’ll come back. I think positively. I don’t have time to worry about how we’ll come back. I see it as, ‘Hey, we got beat, but the Good Lord brought me back for another day so let’s get ready for the next one.'”

Learning the game:

“We aren’t understanding the game. We came down the floor with gaps in the defense and we were shooting jump shots. If you understand the game, you attack and dish. You have to make the officials make calls. We’ve had success shooting outside and we just got caught up in that.”

Attacking zone defenses:

“We got some open shots, but we didn’t make any. We have to get (Alonzo) Lane in the game because he can score around the basket. We have people than can hit the shot, but they have to hit it. The key is execution and attacking the basket. We’re settling for jump shots because they’re always there.”

Freshman J.J. Sullinger struggling at LSU:

“He had his worst game since he’s been here (at LSU), but this is the same kid that really helped us win some games before. That was the first time he’s looked like a freshman, but if we can plan on that once every 15th game, I can live with that. He was involved in three turnovers at the end of the game. He was trying to make some big plays for us.”

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