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Permitted & Prohibited Items

Permitted Items
Bags in compliance with Clear Bag Policy
Cameras with a 6” lens or less (no case)
Service dogs trained to aid patrons with a disasbility
Carried rain gear, blankets or coats
Stadium seats without armrests and less than 16” wide
Pre-approved signs of poster board size or less
Wheelchairs and walkers for ADA ticket holders
Binoculars (no case)

Prohibited Items
Alcoholic beverages
Baby seats/carriers/baby strollers
Bags of all types, except when used for medical or childcare needs
Beach Balls, inflatable toys or laser pointers
Coolers, ice chests or thermal containers
Explosives, guns, knives or weapons
Folding chairs or stools
Food and beverages
Noisemakers of any type (i.e. bells, horns, whistles, etc.)
Personal heaters
Re-Entry (per SEC policy)
Tobacco of any kind including e-cigarettes
Video cameras
Selfie Sticks