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Personal best academic performances

Personal best academic performances

FAYETTEVILLE — A total of 88 University of Arkansas student-athletes have been recognized by Razorback Athletics for posting personal-best grade point averages in the fall semester. The student-athletes, who earned their collegiate best term GPA, helped the Razorback program post an overall student-athlete GPA of 3.059 for the fall 2011 semester. The personal best program was established to encourage and reward student-athletes for doing their best regardless of their individual cumulative grade point average. By focusing on improving academic performance each semester, student-athletes can increase academic performance while progressing to their ultimate goal of graduation. “We challenge our student-athletes to strive for continuous improvement in their chosen sport, academic pursuits and in life,” Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long said. “We want to encourage them to strive to improve their GPA each semester. We are extremely proud of the student-athletes who have accepted the challenge to give their very best in the classroom. Achieving a personal best is a tremendous achievement and worthy of recognition.” Fourteen football players paced the group of student-athletes who recorded personal bests last semester. The Razorback swimming and diving team had 12 student-athletes who had career-bests while women’s cross country, track and field had 11 top GPAs.


Lyndsay Harris, W Basketball

C’eira Ricketts, W Basketball

Emily Tubert, W Golf

Mariah Howdeshell, Gymnastics

Jaime Pisani, Gymnastics

Shelby Salmon, Gymnastics

Genny Salvatore, Gymnastics

Scarlett Williams, Gymnastics

Callie Authier, Soccer

Jessie Givens, Soccer

Kendall Jordan, Soccer

Bethany Labac, Soccer

Evan Palmer, Soccer

Chelsea Tidwell, Soccer

Kendal Winston, Soccer

Jayme Gee, Softball

Amanda Geile, Softball

Linnea Ketcher, Softball

Victoria Mort, Softball

Jessica Robison, Softball

Amanda Summerford, Softball

Elizabeth Braun, Swimming/Diving

Liana Bugslag, Swimming/Diving

Chelsea Franklin, Swimming/Diving

Aubrey Hertzler, Swimming/Diving

Sarah Howard, Swimming/Diving

Courtney Hubbard, Swimming/Diving

Lisa Lunkenheimer, Swimming/Diving

Courtney O’Grady, Swimming/Diving

Sigrun Sverrisdottir, Swimming/Diving

Alison Templin, Swimming/Diving

Kelsea Vance, Swimming/Diving

Elizabeth Whitbeck, Swimming/Diving

Emily Carbone, W Tennis

Claudine Paulson, W Tennis

Makeba Alcide, W Track

Rachel Carpino, W Track

Katelin Cherry, W Track

Tara Diebold, W Track

Regina George, W Track

Kristen Gillespie, W Track

Kirsten Hesseltine, W Track

Grace Hemsfield, W Track

Bethany Hyter, W Track

Rachel Werner, W Track

Keri Wood, W Track

Amanda Anderson, Volleyball

Kasey Heckelman, Volleyball

Clarissa Pavey, Volleyball

Charmaine Whitmore, Volleyball

Eric Fisher, Baseball

Jeff Harvill, Baseball

Cade Lynch, Baseball

Matt Vinson, Baseball

Kikko Haydar, M Basketball

Marshawn Powell, M Basketball

Rickey Scott Jr., M Basketball

Nic Brewer, Football

Greg Childs, Football

Brey Cook, Football

Ryan Farr, Football

Blake Gunderson, Football

Cobi Hamilton, Football

Hunter Jarvis, Football

Dennis Johnson, Football

Byran Jones, Football

Braylon Mitchell, Football

Travis Swanson, Football

Brad Taylor, Football

Robert Thomas, Football

Jarius Wright, Football

Joe Doramus, Men’s Golf

Will Meason, Men’s Golf

Taj Harrison, M Tennis

Greg Lehmann, M Tennis

Michael Nott, M Tennis

Matt Walters, M Tennis

Nikolas Zogaj, M Tennis

Lane Boyer, M Track

Thomas Cattin-Masson, M Track

Caleb Cross, M Track

George Eberhardt, M Track

Akheem Gauntlet, M Track

Dwyane Goldbeck, M Track

Leoman Momoh, M Track

Stuart Sparks, M Track

Jeff Woods, M Track

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